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Chelsea - Manchester United 1: 2 Missed the trophy: Chelsea surrendered to Manchester United

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Chelsea took home Manchester United in a match of the 4th round of the English League Cup. The meeting ended with a score of 2: 1 in favour of the guests

 Chelsea - Manchester United 1: 2 Missed the trophy: Chelsea surrendered to Manchester United

`90 + 4
The final whistle! Thanks to this victory, Manchester United are entering the quarterfinals of the tournament.
`90 + 2
Hard played Tammy Abraham in midfield, trying to get ahead of Marcos Rojo, just on the foot of the Argentine and inherited from the young representative of England.
Four minutes added to the second half.
Kovacic demolished Andreas Pereira in midfield and received a warning.
Manchester United accepts attempts to widen the gap in the account.
Marslyal wanted to play a wall with Pereira, but Zuma intercepted the ball from behind.
Kovacic again failed to realize the moment. He intercepted a pass from the central zone and launched the ball into the net, but he flew past the goal line.
Ball possession statistics: 65% versus 35% in favour of the hosts. But despite this, the advantage in goals on the side of “MJ”.
Fred received a yellow card for a foul in midfield.
Chelsea earned a corner. From the left flank, the shell flew to the far edge of the penalty area. Zuma’s attempt to transfer him to the gate was unsuccessful. The ball went near the post.
Rushford leaves the field. He is being replaced by Ashley Young.
Replace the "blue". Lampard is clearly dissatisfied with the current state of things. I decided to change the scoring goal at the beginning of the second half of Batshuayi to Tammy Abraham.
Still, the break went in favour of “MJ”. Wards Sulscher began to play more aggressively, which benefited them. The second time we stepped forward!
And again, the ball in goal at Chelsea! Thanks to Pedro Rushford, who was playing against the rules, he was able to take away the shell and struck the Nine with an accurate blow. Now on account of the forward take.
As soon as Pedro entered the field, he was breaking the rules. The Spaniard in 30 meters tried to take away the shell from Fred.
Lampard decided to replace Pulisic. Instead, there will be Pedro.
Chelsea now has a replacement. Billy Gilmore is replaced by Mason Mount.
Corner decided to give the referee to the Mancunians after Pereira, who entered the field, served in the penalty area. The shell was knocked to the edge of the field, from where James decided to hang, but unsuccessfully.
And again, the replacement of the guests. Now Solskjer decided to exchange Jesse Lingard for Andreas Pereira.
First, change! Lindelof on the field replaces Anthony Martial.
Good luck returned to the side of the "blue". Thanks to Batshuayi's scored goal, the players regained confidence and took control of the ball.
Recall that in the English League Cup there is no extra time. which means that if the score does not change, a series of penalties await us.
GOAL!!! Lampard wards finally managed to equalize the game! Thanks to Batshuayi, who was able to pass the ball past the opponent from the centre of Caballero from the centre, then go around two more and hit precisely into the far “six” right from the box.
More confidently, the game began on the part of the defender of the guests Brandon Williams. I wonder what Solskjer said to him during the break?
Hudson-Odoi beautifully intercepted the Pulisic transfer from the center, but the shell flew just above the gate. And yet the moment came out beautiful.
The hosts tried to throw a shell on horseback into the penalty box of Manchester United, but Romero quickly picked up the ball.
Gilmore hit the goal from outside the box, but landed right in Rojo. The hosts believe that in the moment there was a hand game, but this is not visible in the replay.
It’s time for Chelsea’s starting line-up to work hard, as players who are ready to step up the attack are waiting for them on the bench.
Defender of the “blue” Marcos Alonso joined the attack on the left flank and made a pass precisely at the feet of Hudson-Odoi. As a result, the ball was taken to the corner.
The second half has begun!
`45 + 1
And the whistle sounds for a break!
Added one minute to the first half.
Until the end of the half, there was nothing at all, but Chelsea did not manage to establish a game in attack. We hope a quick break will make it possible for Lampard to make qualitative changes in the team.
Jorginho designed the transfer in the direction of Pulisic, but he played up his hand while trying to handle the ball. The referee saw this and paused the game with a short whistle.
Van Bissac did not allow Callum Hudson-Odoi to bring to mind the transfer of the bottom, which he sent to Pulisic. The defender quickly intercepted the shell, ahead of the opponent.
Defender of the hosts Rhys James wanted to organize something near the penalty area but failed. He broke past the opponent at speed, but his own pass slowed the attack of the team.
Already the third corner of the hosts. The hosts earned it, on the right flank Hudson-Odoi played the ball with a partner and served on the far edge to Marcos Alonso, but he lost the fight to the opponent.
Still, a goal from Manchester United reduced confidence in Chelsea players. Until they return to the game.
Pulisic managed to save the shell in the fight against two opponents, but could not complete the transfer properly. Lost the ball.
After the first goal, passions in the field calmed down. Although even before this, neither the guests nor the hosts had created any special moments.
Forward “Manchester United” Rushford was able to realize the 11-meter. The forward directed the spotted one to his left corner, and Caballero fell in the opposite, 0: 1!
The first penalty awarded! Alonso in his penalty area demolished Daniel James, for which he was punished.
Batshuayi played a hand in the alien half of the field.
Maktominay decided to avenge the race by foot from Batshuay and began to put pressure on Kovacic in the centre of the field, but, performing the transfer, hit his closest rival.
A warning is now received by the “blue” striker Batshuaia, who violated the rules in the game against Maktominaya.
Van Bisaka made an attempt to shoot the hosts in the centre of the penalty area, but Chelsea defender Zuma turned out to be quicker.
While Lampard’s wards cannot take the “MU” gate from a swoop, in connection with which they, apparently, intend to change tactics, court because the guests became more likely to own the shell.
Now the referee gave the corner guests. Daniel James shot to the near edge of the penalty area, from where he hit Macktominay in touch, but sent the ball above the goal range.
And here is the first meeting card! It was earned by midfielder Scott Macktomin for demolishing Kovacic in midfield. He drove right in the leg, but Mateo was able to successfully jump and avoid a likely fracture.
And again the corner on the side of Chelsea. However, to create a dangerous moment at the gates of others did not work. The referee also recorded a foul in the attack.
First corner! The hosts earned with the filing of striker Hudson-Odoi to the near post. Defender “Manchester United” Williams knocked the ball over the front.
While the ball control the home team. Kovacic sent the ball into the penalty area, but Batsuayi did not have time to intercept the ball. Sergio Romero ahead of him, leaving the gate on time.
The lineups of the teams this time, of course, are not completely equivalent, but it will be interesting to see all the young players. Judging by the number of spectators in the stands, fans also think.
The starting whistle sounded! Go!
The meeting will take place at the home of the Blue - Stamford Bridge .
10:55 p.m.
The composition of Chelsea! goalkeeper: Willy Caballero defenders: Rhys James, Marc Geghi, Marcos Alonso, Kurt Zuma midfielders: Mateo Kovacic, Jorginho, Billy Gilmore, Christian Pulisic forwards: Callum Hudson-Odoi, Misha Batshui
The composition of Manchester United! goalkeeper: Sergio Romero defenders: Marcos Rojo, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, Brandon Williams, Aaron Van Bissack midfielders: Scott Macktomin, Fred, Daniel James, Jesse Lingard striker: Marcus Rushford
The meeting will begin at 23.05 Moscow time.
10:35 p.m.
Good evening, dear football fans! Welcome to the online text broadcast of the match of the 4th round of the English League Cup Chelsea - Manchester United.

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