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“Concerns everyone”: Putin asked foreigners to leave Syria

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said Syria should be freed from the military presence of other countries. At the same time, “Concerns everyone”: Putin asked foreigners to leave Syria


Russian leader Vladimir Putin said Syria should be freed from the military presence of other countries. At the same time, he also called the condition under which the Russian Federation will withdraw its military from the Arab Republic.

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This is with reference to the statement of the Russian leader reported by official representatives of the Kremlin’s press service. According to Putin, his appeal applies to all states whose military are present on the territory of the SAR.

“Everyone who is on the territory of any state, in this case, Syria, is illegitimate, must leave this territory. This applies to all states in general, ”he said in an interview with RT, Arabic Sky News and Al Arabiya.
The head of Russia stressed that he was ready to withdraw the Russian military from the SAR, if "the legitimate leadership of Syria says that it no longer needs the presence of the Russian armed forces."
Putin added that the issue of the foreign military is openly discussed in Syria with all partners of Russia, including Iran and Turkey.

“Both our Iranian and Turkish partners have repeatedly talked about this with our American partners ... I speak openly to my colleagues: the territory of Syria should be freed from the foreign military presence, and the territorial integrity of the ATS should be fully restored,” he said.
It is worth noting that Putin previously called on Iran and Saudi Arabia not to use Syria as a place for confrontation, and also said that the US military is there illegally. At the same time, as the Russian leader emphasized, Moscow will proceed from the fact that the decision by the US President Donald Trump to withdraw the military will be implemented.
Turkey had earlier launched a massive military operation, “Source of Peace”, against the forces of Kurdish militias, whom it considers terrorists, on the border with Syria. At the same time, despite the negative attitude to the actions of Ankara by the United States, Trump made it clear that Washington does not intend to further assist the Kurds.
At the same time, it is important that the Kurdish militias proved to be an effective force in the fight against terrorists of the Islamic State group banned in Russia (the organization is banned in Russia).
“Turkey has absolutely clear goals and does not hide it, for them the biggest problem is the Kurds and the Kurdish terror in Turkish territory. From Turkey’s point of view, strong, armed Kurdish formations on the Syrian part of the Turkish border potentially pose a threat to them. Because the Syrian and Turkish Kurds in the area are the same tribes, ”said an Israeli military expert, Yakov Kedmi, in an interview with the website
At the same time, in his opinion, if there was authoritative power in Syria, which could manage to enter the Syrian-Turkish border and take responsibility, the Turks did not enter the region.
“Other states are trying to intervene in a situation where they see the weakness of other authorities or states in order to use them for their own purposes. Because of this, problems began in Syria and Libya, because of this they destroyed Iraq, ”the expert added.
Turkey’s actions have already provoked a rather harsh reaction from European countries. The French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the other day about the need to convene an emergency meeting of the international coalition to combat terrorists of the IG banned in Russia. The reason for the meeting is the fear that the fight against terrorists may resume.
In the region, the situation remains very difficult: today a Pentagon spokesman said that American troops in the Kobani region came under shelling from Turkish positions on October 11, but no one was hurt.
Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar denied this information. “There is no talk of shelling US soldiers or the international coalition. We carry out all necessary coordination actions with the USA, ”Anadolu agency quoted him as saying.

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