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Donald Trump threatens to 'destroy' Turkish economy

US President Donald Trump has said that if Turkey "crosses its limits" after the withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria, they will destroy its economy.

Donald Trump threatens to 'destroy' Turkish economy
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It is feared that if the US troops withdraw, Turkey will get a chance to attack against the Kurdish fighters near the border.

Kurdish fighters have been key US allies in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria. On the other hand, the Turkish Defense Department has said that it is fully prepared for the attack in northern Syria.
Trump has defended his decision to remove US troops from northern Syria in a series of tweets.
But Trump's Republican colleagues are also sharply criticizing his decision. Democratic member Nancy Pelosi and Republican Mitch Maconel have described it as 'dangerous' and 'rash'.

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US officials cleaning

Bloomberg News correspondent Nicholas Adams, who was present at the State Department press briefing, says that the State Department is doing a scandal on Trump's decision.
Nicholas Weddams stated, "Two Foreign Ministry officials have clarified that the US was, in fact, withdrawing its troops from only two bases. This shows that they were actually protecting their soldiers from any possible damage."
"The officials also said that they did not want American soldiers to be there and that they would appear to give silent consent to the attack. This is the same type of situation where the president says something else and then he understands something else. Later, the officers come forward and tell another story. "
1,000 US troops are stationed in Syria and currently, about two dozen soldiers have been withdrawn from the border.
The main Kurdish group has called the decision to remove the soldier's molestation in the back. The Kurds say that the Americans had assured them that they would not allow any Turkish military operation to take place in this area.
Saleh Muslim, a spokesman for PYD, a political organization of the Syrian Kurdish militants' organization YPG, said the decision would have the opposite effect.
AFP Images
Kurds are disappointed with America's footsteps
Saleh Muslim says, "The international coalition should do something about it. We understand that this is a way to give the Islamic State a chance to regroup and it is a very bad situation. Everyone should be against it." Daesh (ISIS) is not over yet. "
Saleh says that Kurdish fighters and their allies will compete against any Turkish attack.
Critics say the withdrawal of US troops could lead to a Turkish attack on Kurdish fighters and see the resurgence of the Islamic State.
Turkey considers Kurdish fighters as extremists. But Trump has warned Turkey to take advantage of its decision.
The Pentagon and senior officials of the State Department had advised not to withdraw troops, yet Trump took the decision.

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