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Exacerbation in Syria: how the US is going to punish Turkey

Donald Trump warned Turkey against striking the US military or allies of the United States. Exacerbation in Syria: how the US is going to punish Turkey

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Donald Trump warned Turkey against striking the US military or allies of the United States during the fighting of Ankara against the Kurds in northeastern Syria and called it unacceptable. This is the second tough statement by the US president to Turkey, whose economy, according to him, he can "wipe off the face of the earth." Earlier, Washington has already reduced military cooperation with Ankara, and senators are threatening to suspend Turkey’s membership in NATO.

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US President Donald Trump said that in the area where the Turkish military launched an operation against the Syrian Kurds on October 7, there were 50 US troops. Trump noted that in order to avoid big problems in a conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he urged him not to harm “any of our people,” TASS reports.

The American leader said that he didn’t want them to be injured or killed, for something to happen to them.
This position was supported by the Pentagon.
“Like the US president, the Department of Defense has clearly stated to Turkey that it does not support the operation in northern Syria. The US military will not support and will not be involved in this operation. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and head of the US Army Chiefs of Staff Mark Milli emphasized in a conversation with Turkish counterparts that unilateral actions pose risks to Turkey, ”

- warned in the US military.
Washington’s reaction was triggered by a Turkish airstrike on the base of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Arab-Kurdish forces in Hasek province. The attack was committed in the vicinity of the city of al-Malikiya. However, no casualties were reported as a result of the strike.
Kurdish armed groups in Syria are fighting radical Islamic groups, but Ankara considers the Kurdish forces themselves to be terrorist.
In general, Ankara in its assessments relies on the fact that it is facing an armed struggle of the Kurds for their autonomy in Turkey. The friction of Ankara and Washington because of this issue began during the presidency of Barack Obama. However, they seriously aggravated just under Trump.
Now, another tension point has appeared in relations between Turkey and the USA - Ankara acquired S-400 systems from Russia, which causes open irritation from American politicians.
The head of the White House has already threatened Turkey with serious economic sanctions and issued an explicit warning on Twitter. The United States, he said, will destroy the Turkish economy if it takes any actions that go “beyond”.
"As I said earlier, if Turkey does something that, with all my great and unsurpassed wisdom, I consider to be beyond the scope, I will erase the Turkish economy from the face of the Earth," the US President wrote. This is the first open statement of this kind to the second most important US ally in the region after Israel.
Oil is added to the fire by the fact that Turkey is a long-term member of NATO, and the Incirlik base is located on its territory. It has important military significance for the United States, and, in particular, it carries out combat flights to Syria. The base is served by 1,500 soldiers and officers from among 2,200 US military and civilians in Turkey. It was here that the American pilot reconnaissance Harry Powers made a stop in 1960 before a mission to shoot military facilities in the USSR, where he was shot down.
However, if the US decides to leave Turkey, the new NATO countries, such as Bulgaria and Romania, can accept the base without any problems. True, it is worth noting that there is still no talk of this.
However, the United States has previously limited military cooperation with Turkey under the F-35 fifth-generation fighter-bombers program. Ankara was an active participant in the program. Now, Turkey is considering the possibility of purchasing Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighter aircraft. At least such statements have already been made.
US senators, in turn, are already threatening to strip Turkey of NATO membership. US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he was ready to submit a bill to suspend her participation in the alliance in connection with the military operation in Syria.
The statement looks like a signal, as Graham is considered a figure close to the US president. According to the bill, which is supported by senators from both parties, it is planned to impose sanctions on Turkey. According to Graham, a document against Ankara will be submitted in the event of a Turkish invasion of Syria and an attack on Kurdish forces.
The suspension of Turkey’s membership in NATO may become a precedent for the alliance, the only example is the voluntary suspension of France’s participation since Charles de Gaulle's times in the military structures of the bloc.
Moreover, as Mikhail Khodarenok, a military observer for Gazeta.Ru, noted earlier, “membership in NATO is not as vital for Turkey today as it looked, for example, during the Cold War. Then Ankara really was the front line of NATO defense on the southeastern flank of the military-political bloc and, according to Western strategists, in those years was supposed to be an insurmountable obstacle to the spread of communism, ”wrote Khodarenok
“Modern Russia is no longer a threat to Turkey. The closest neighbours of Ankara, who until recently were powerful regional players, are either defeated and defrauded like Iraq or Iran, exhausted by sanctions, deprived of access to advanced technologies and loans of the West, and significantly lagged behind in the construction of modern and high-tech armed forces. It is possible that in future Turkey’s membership in NATO will be necessary to deter Iran’s nuclear, but this is still a very distant prospect, which may not become a reality, ”writes the newspaper“ Gazeta.Ru ”.
It is worth noting that Trump’s harsh statements addressed to Ankara are against the backdrop of statements by the US president about the imminent withdrawal of troops from Syria and the actual cessation of aid to Kurdish troops. Trump made this clear on his Twitter post on Monday, October 7: “They (the Kurds -“ Gazeta.Ru ”) have been fighting Turkey for decades. I held this battle for almost three years, but now it’s time for us to get out of these senseless endless wars, many of which are tribal, and return our soldiers home, ”the President of Twitter wrote on Twitter.

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