For the sake of oil: Americans will return to northeast Syria

The United States will send reinforcements to protect oil fields in northeast Syria, from where Washington had previously withdrawn its troops. As the Pentagon explained, the US military will guard these wells from terrorists.

For the sake of oil: Americans will return to northeast Syria

The Pentagon intends to send additional forces to the north-east of Syria to protect the oil fields located there from the militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization (IS, banned in Russia).
“The United States intends to strengthen its position in coordination with partners from the SDS (Syrian Democratic Forces - Gazeta.Ru”) in northeast Syria with additional military forces and means and prevent these oil fields from returning to the hands of ISIS or other players destabilizing the situation ", - said RIA" Novosti "a representative of the department.
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The US Department of Defense told Newsweek that establishing control over oil facilities in Syria is one of the greatest achievements of Washington and its allies since previously the fields were the most important source of income for militants.
The Wall Street Journal, citing a source in the U.S. administration, previously wrote that US authorities are considering the possibility of preserving their military contingent of 500 people in the northeast of the SAR. According to the publication, the option of sending several dozen tanks and other equipment there to protect military personnel is also being discussed. According to Fox News, heavy equipment could be concentrated in Deir Ez-Zor province next to the Conoco gas processing plant. The newspaper Washington Post suggested that the tanks could go there, accompanied by the Bradley BMP.
WSJ reporters called these actions a change in the plans of US President Donald Trump regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The publication believes that in this way Washington will slightly adjust the purpose of finding troops in the territory of the Arab Republic: now, in addition to the fight against terrorists, the United States expects to "protect oil fields in the east of the country.

At the same time, The New York Times wrote that Trump is inclined to leave no more than 200 US special forces in eastern Syria to fight IS terrorists.
On October 24, the American leader himself promised on Twitter that US authorities would not allow Islamic State terrorists to regain control of oil fields in the north-east of the SAR. “The oil fields mentioned in my talk yesterday about Turkey and the Kurds were held by the IS until the United States conquered them with the help of the Kurds. We will never let the IG take possession of them! ”Trump said.
Just the day before, during his televised address to fellow citizens about the situation around Syria and Turkey, he confirmed Washington’s intention to withdraw troops from the Arab Republic.
“Turkey, Syria and the <...> Kurds have been fighting for centuries. We have done them a great service, we have done an excellent job for all of them, now we are leaving. <...> Let someone else fight for this blood-stained sand, ”the head of state said. In addition, he called on other countries to help Turkey and Syria strengthen their control over the border between them.
At the same time, he stressed that part of the American soldiers will remain in the oil field in the north of the country, and Washington will decide what to do with this territory in the future.
Russia is of the opinion that all foreign military personnel should leave Syria, since only Russian units are legitimate in this country, recalled the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. He specified that the ultimate goal of the Russian Federation is the complete withdrawal of any foreign armed forces from the territory of the SAR
“This is a position shared by both Moscow and Damascus. Ultimately, this goal is a priority after a full political settlement, ”he said.
The Pentagon’s head, Mark Esper, announced that the United States was preparing to evacuate about 1 thousand of its troops from Syria on October 13 on the air of the CBS television channel. Such intentions appeared in Washington with the beginning of the military operation of Turkey against the Kurds in northeastern Syria. Esper said that the American army became aware of Ankara’s intention to expand the boundaries of its operations and move south and west.
In this case, the United States military could be between the opposing forces, the Secretary of Defense explained.
He noted that, according to Washington, the Syrian and Russian military could intervene in the conflict. “In such an uncertain situation, I talked with the president last night. After the consultations, it was decided to begin the withdrawal of our forces, ”said Esper.
When asked whether the Americans would return fire, the head of the department recalled that the soldiers have the right to self-defence, which they will use if necessary.
Within a few days after that, the US military began hastily leaving their military bases in northeast Syria, destroying ammunition depots so that they could not be used. According to SANA, on October 20, US troops destroyed the Al-Kulaib Air Force base in the region.
In an interview with Fox News, Esper explained why Washington refused to help its allies, the Kurds, who are now ready to turn to Russia and Syria for help.
The head of the Pentagon emphasized that Washington did not subscribe to the war with Turkey, a long-standing NATO ally.
He noted that 1 thousand American soldiers will not be able to oppose the 15 thousandths Turkish army with artillery support and aviation. “This conflict (between Turks and Kurds) is 200 years old. And the Turks have always been against us cooperating with the Kurds. Yes, the situation is really terrible, ”said the Minister of Defense.

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