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"Get under the rink": Peskov warned the disagreeing Kurds

If the Kurds refuse to move away from the Syrian-Turkish border with weapons, they will fall “under the rink of the Turkish army,” warned the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. He explained that in case of disagreement of the Kurds, the Syrian border guards and the Russian military police, who patrol these territories and ensure the withdrawal of Kurdish self-defence units 30 km from Turkish borders, will have to retreat

"Get under the rink": Peskov warned the disagreeing Kurds

The United States abandoned the Kurds at the border, forcing them to fight the Turks, although Washington was the closest ally for the past few years. Thus, the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov responded to a statement by US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey, who expressed doubt that the Kurds would leave the territories indicated in the agreements between the Turkish and Russian sides.
Peskov called it absolutely obvious that the refusal of the Kurdish units to withdraw with arms from these territories will lead to the fact that the Syrian border guards and the Russian military police will eventually withdraw.
“And in fact, the remaining Kurdish formations will fall under the rink of the Turkish army,” he explained.
The head of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the results of the past on the eve of talks between presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the termination of the Turkish military operation "Source of Peace" in the northeast of Syria. He also said that the area adjacent to the area of ​​operation would be jointly patrolled by Russian military police and Syrian troops. According to the agreements, the Russians were supposed to start patrolling at 12:00 on October 23 (Moscow time is the same), but already at 5:00 that day the Russian military police announced that they had begun to serve.
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the Russian military together with the Syrian should facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish self-defence units 30 km from the Syrian-Turkish border in 150 hours.

After the Kurds withdraw their self-defence units from these territories, Russian-Turkish forces will also conduct joint patrols. They will be located in the territories west and east of the area of ​​operation "Source of Peace", except for the city of Kamyshly.
The situation in northeast Syria became the main topic of the meeting between Putin and Erdogan, which lasted more than six hours on the eve. In particular, this is due to the fact that on October 9, Turkey launched the “Source of Peace” military operation in this region of the SAR against the Kurdish “People’s Self-Defense Units” (YPG, the largest unit of the Kurdish-Syrian alliance “Syrian Democratic Forces” - SDS), which Ankara considers terrorists. As part of this operation, the Turkish side planned to create a “security zone” where it could resettle Syrian refugees.
Despite the fact that for Washington, the Kurds are allies in the fight against terrorism, the United States refused to support them.
On October 15, American leader Donald Trump confirmed that his country's military personnel had left the operation areas. He clarified that it was only about 28 military personnel who are now safe.
The day after such a statement, United States aviation destroyed its own base in Syria, where ammunition and various military equipment were stored. This was a necessary step, as the military hastily evacuated from the northern regions of the Arab Republic, as required by the Pentagon, Reuters reported.
"On October 16, after all the personnel and tactical equipment departed, two coalitions F-15 aircraft carried out a successful, pre-planned airstrike on the Lafarge cement plant in order to destroy the ammunition depot and reduce the suitability of the facility for military use," the official wrote on Twitter a representative of the headquarters of Operation Unshakable Determination, which is being carried out in Iraq and Syria by a group of countries led by the United States, Colonel Miles Coggins.
This plant was located about 150 km east of Aleppo. As Le Monde wrote, when the militants of the Islamic State (ISIS, an organization banned in Russia) seized the province of Raqqa, the enterprise continued to operate. When terrorists were expelled from the region, the plant became the base for special forces that helped the Kurds.
But with the start of the Turkish military operation, coalition forces left the cities of Raqqah and Tabaka, Coggins said.
Immediately after that, as Al Mayadeen broadcast, the advanced forces of the Syrian army entered Rakku and established control over the airfield there. They also occupied Tabka, a series of bridges across the Euphrates, and two hydroelectric power stations.
Fighters of the Kurdish forces called the withdrawal of the US military from the zone of the "Source of Peace" a betrayal and a "stab in the back."

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