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In the footsteps of trump: how Zelensky’s office is fighting the media

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In Ukraine, relations between the president’s office and journalists are exacerbating. At the same time, In the footsteps of trump: how Zelensky’s office is fighting the media
In Ukraine, relations between the president’s office and journalists are exacerbating. At the same time, apparently, the administration does not intend to establish contact with the media. The recent incident, when the spokesman for the head of state Julia Mendel literally physically prevented the correspondent from asking the president, was indicative.

During the presidency of Vladimir Zelensky in Ukraine, an understanding of the interaction of the president’s office with journalists has already been formed, and the relationship between the government and the media can not be called cloudless.

The main mediator between the parties, the press secretary of the head of state, Julia Mendel, has recently become the subject of criticism from not only the press.
On September 27, journalists tried to ask Vladimir Zelensky and the head of the president’s office, Andrei Bogdan, the question of the latter’s participation in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in 2013, when Kyiv refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union.
First, the journalist of the “Schemes” project of Radio Liberty tried to turn to Andrei Bogdan, who was passing by. However, Julia Mendel blocked his path and took a media officer by the hand, trying to prevent him from coming closer to the head of the OP. The same situation was repeated when the correspondent tried to ask Zelensky a question. Moreover, many publications, covering the incident, reported that Mendel “pushed” the journalist.
Ukrainian journalists, predictably, reacted negatively to the incident. The head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NSJU) Sergey Tomilenko on his facebook called on the president’s office to change his attitude towards journalists.
“The authorities all over the world are looking for formats for avoiding uncontrolled contacts with independent journalists. And this is natural. The official (like every person) is afraid of uncomfortable questions. But obstruction of journalistic activity is the worst possible reaction of the authorities, ”wrote Tomilenko, stressing that the interaction of the authorities with the media is the responsibility of a democratic government.
Initiative 34, a community of independent journalists, demanded the resignation of a presidential spokesman and called on Mendel to apologize.
“In connection with unprofessionalism, unethical behaviour and the provocation of artificial conflicts, we demand that Yulia Mendel be relieved of the post of press secretary of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky,” the Facebook page says in an open address
The very same representative of the president on the same day published a statement in which she presented her vision of the situation.
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“The video shows that I did not push him and did not rush, but stopped. We want a civilized behaviour - let’s not attack the delegation for a beautiful picture, ”she wrote.
Taking the opportunity, Mendel also recalled other accusations of journalists against her.
“At the end of the first month of work in the president’s office, she found out that she bought Lexus and hung up the numbers with her last name. Connected with all possible oligarchs. For the second month, the media wrote that I bought an apartment for a new salary. On the third - that gave the command to vote for immunity. Now they write that she beat the journalist twice as much as herself, ”said the press secretary of the head of Ukraine.
However, accusations of acquiring an expensive car or apartment could not be avoided. Any appointment of the president in the first months of his work was accompanied by close attention from journalists. The president’s office denied such data, and the source himself later stated that the car belongs to a certain Sergei Mendel.
But the professional activities of Mendel prior to her appointment to the post of press secretary raised more serious questions. She was one of the authors of material in The New York Times about the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden Hunter. A critical article dealt with Hunter Biden’s energy business in Ukraine. At the same time, in May, NYT published three materials by Mendel, who worked as a freelance correspondent for the publication in Ukraine.
Joe Biden may become a serious competitor to Donald Trump in the next presidential election. Now, representatives of the US Democratic Party accuse the head of the White House of pressure on the new government of Ukraine to launch an investigation against Hunter Biden and, thereby, denigrate his opponent.
In early June, Julia Mendel made a sensational statement for Ukrainian society. She said that the Ukrainian military often responded to provocations, "when they shoot from an apartment building, kindergarten, school, hospital - from any place where civilians are located."
“After that, the shelling of this house begins. Thus, our people perish our Ukrainians. And it was a matter of not succumbing to provocations, ”said Julia Mendel.
For the first time, an official in Kyiv recognized the fact of shelling of civilian targets in the Donbas. In addition, from representatives of the previous government, it was hardly possible to hear about the death of “our Ukrainians” in relation to the inhabitants of Donbas.
The Prosecutor General of Ukraine twice sent a request to the president’s office regarding a refutation or confirmation of public statements by his spokesman. Mendel’s statement took the Ukrainians by surprise, who were used to the completely opposite rhetoric of the government of Petro Poroshenko.
At the same time, if Vladimir Zelensky takes a course towards resolving the conflict, especially by observing the Minsk agreements, such statements are critically important. Thus, the government will gradually pave the way for the implementation of such important changes in relation to the Donbas.
However, it is not necessary to say that the president’s office successfully established communication with the press. Moreover, judging by the statements of Andrei Bogdan, the government does not see the need for such cooperation.
On August 1, important news was received from the office of the President of Ukraine about the resignation of Bogdan, however, no clarity on this issue was received during the day.
A snapshot of the letter of resignation appeared in the Ukrainian media. Only the next day Zelensky said that the document really exists, and all members of his team wrote a letter of resignation. However, the president did not sign it, and the information was not worth discussing.
The journalist of the Ukrainian edition of “New time” Kristina Berdinsky in her facebook said that she received a photo of the statement of Bogdan from a source in the president’s office.
“I would never have published this piece of paper in my life if I hadn’t received it from an official,” the journalist wrote.
Vladimir Zelensky, confirming the existence of a statement by Bogdan, did not clarify the situation with the resignation. With what intention the statement was written and merged, remains a mystery.
“And, of course, it immediately became obvious that both Bogdan and the Ukrainian Parliament, as well as President Vladimir Zelensky,  were just kidding and using the media. And all the media of the country, ”wrote Berdinsky.
The attitude of the president’s office towards the media representatives became clear a month later. In mid-September, Andrei Bogdan accused the journalistic community of being corrupt, and also that some of it did not meet professional ethics standards. Moreover, the head of the OP hinted that the government does not see the need for the media to work: “So far, society wants to communicate directly with the president, without intermediaries.”
It is curious that the statements of Bogdan strongly resemble the words of US President Donald Trump about the media.
“I don’t communicate with representatives of publications that deceive society and do not adhere to journalistic standards,” Bogdan said.
In the same way, the head of the White House prefers to communicate with journalists of unloved publications.
“ CNN - fake news. I don't answer CNN questions, ”Trump said repeatedly.
It is significant that in her statement regarding the incident with a journalist, Mendel herself refers specifically to the United States: “In the USA,“ no ”for a journalist means the inability to approach the first person. Otherwise, the journalist will be arrested. Media insist, but do not rush. Because the personal space of the first person is his / her safety. ”
Apparently, in the matter of communication with the media, the Ukrainian government takes an example from its "great teacher" - that is how Zelensky called Trump during their telephone conversation.
If this is true, then in the future Ukrainians will observe a real war between the government and the media.

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