Iraq: 19 killed in Baghdad protesters shootings

Security forces have fired live rounds on protesters in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. At least 19 people have been killed in clashes between protesters and security forces. Iraq: 19 killed in Baghdad protesters shootings

Iraq: 19 killed in Baghdad protesters shootings
Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi says the implementation of indefinite curfews is critical to maintaining peace and protecting protesters.

Thousands are taking part in demonstrations against unemployment and unemployment of basic services to citizens.
The protests were made in response to an online call on the occasion of the completion of Abdul Mahdi's government year, and apparently, there was no organized leadership among the protesters.
The United States and the United States have expressed concern over the violent incidents in these demonstrations.
The latest situation is that curfew has been implemented in Baghdad for the past two days, where people are allowed to travel to city airports, ambulances can travel and religious visitors are allowed to travel.
Social networking websites have also been blocked in different parts of the country.
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Al-Ghad Press, a private website, cited a statement issued by an organization measuring the quality of communications in Iraq, saying the move was designed to curb the circulation of images and videos of protests.
According to the Kurdish Shafaq News website, 650 clashes between protesters and security forces have also taken place.
According to reports, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, police opened fire when protesters tried to march to the green zone. It should be noted that the Green Zone is an area where there are embassies and offices of government agencies from other countries.

The government's statement called on citizens to avoid harming national security in the face of protests.
A protester gestures as he stands near burning tyres in Baghdad, Iraq (2 October 2019)
The protests also resulted in casualties, but 200 people, including 40 security personnel, were injured, the health ministry statement said.
According to Transparency International, Iraq is ranked 12th in the list of most corrupt countries.

The economy of Iraq

Iraq has the world's largest oil reserves, but more than 22% of its 40 million population spend less than $ 2 a day, according to the World Bank.
At least one in every six households suffers from some kind of food shortage.
The unemployment rate in the country is about eight per cent, but the rate doubles among young people. 17% of the country's employable population is not fully employed.

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