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Iraq: Nine killed in anti-government protests, curfew imposed

The number of people killed in violent incidents has increased to nine during anti-government protests in Iraq. Iraq: Nine killed in anti-government protests, curfew imposed

Iraq: Nine killed in anti-government protests, curfew imposed

Protests against unemployment and poor governance on Tuesday intensified as protests spread from Baghdad to other parts of the country following clashes between police and protesters.

Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi has ordered a curfew in Baghdad in the wake of further protests. Curfew has already been imposed in Nazareth and Najaf cities.
Demonstrators demand that the country should end corruption, unemployment and provide citizen facilities to the people.
Authorities say two protesters were killed in violent incidents in Baghdad while a citizen was killed in Nazareth on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, police fired tear gas shells at protesters to disperse the protesters. On this occasion, aerial firing was also carried out.
Health officials confirmed that a clash between protesters and police on Wednesday resulted in the death of six people, including a police officer. After that, the death toll has risen to nine in two days.
Protesters also tried to reach Baghdad's historical writing square. However, the police stopped them. Police have completely sealed the roads leading to the area.
On Wednesday, personnel of the military and other security agencies were deployed to the 'green zone'. Where there are important government buildings and embassies in other countries.
The Green Zone has been closed to civilians since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. However, in 2016, the religious leader, Muttahid President, along with activists staged a protest in the area, which led to the closure of government offices.
Protesters tried to enter Baghdad's green zone, which was foiled.
Journalists covering the protests say some of their associates have been detained by security forces during the coverage. According to reports, there have been protests against the government in Najaf and the southern city of Basra.
Iraqi President Berham Saleh condemned the killings, saying that peaceful protests are the basic right of every citizen. He says the parties must show patience and adhere to the law.
Two Iranian border points close to Iraq closed
Iranian authorities have confirmed that Iran has closed two border crossings because of the unrest in Iraq.
According to Iran's semi-official news agency 'Mahar', the closed borders also include the route Iranian visitors use to visit the holy sites.
Border Guards commander General Qasim Razai says the 'Khosravi' and 'Chazibah' borders were closed on Wednesday. However, officials say other crossing points are open where visitors can travel to Iraq to attend the annual gathering.

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