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JOKER FILM REVIEW: Is the Joker only the one who is to be tried?

JOKER FILM REVIEW: Is the Joker only the one who is to be tried

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'Hey Ram' is associated with Gandhi and the song Hey, the rock star Gary Glitter who sexually abuses children with Arthur. While fighting his battles, the Joker is seen showing his ribs in songs playing in the Arthur background. This celebration is about turning the tragedies of life into comedy.


The Joker: Heath Ledger's Legacy

In 2005, in the last scene of 'Batman Begins', the Joker card was shown. After three years, the Joker stepped out of the cards in 2009 and asks in 'The Dark Knight' - why so serious?
When Heather Ledger, the 'Joker' actor who brutally asked to smile at the tip of the knuckle, said goodbye to the world, it was understood that there would be no other joker on the screen.
Change the year, change the situation. But that did not change, the Joker's fake smile, which was sometimes pulled with colour and sometimes blood on the cheeks to make the other laugh.
It is here that as soon as the Joker is named, the image of Heath Ledger is often missing in the mind and the entry is of Arthur Fleck, the lead character of the director Joker's film Joker, Walkin Phoenix.
Arthur is the resident of Gotham City. A clown with the desire to become a successful standup comedian, whose compulsion becomes his strength.
But a story that goes from strength to strength, Arthur is the name of this story. How a clown loses his smile in his desire to make others laugh.

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Violence or Non-Violence: Which Way Is Easier?

Cruelties are remembered for a long time. Arthur brings this lesson of the real world to life.
'I used to think that my life is a tragedy. But now I realized that this is a comedy.
From Transformer to Joker to Comedian, this transform of Arthur is so spectacular on the screen that the deep difference between violence and non-violence also seems to be fine.
This difference is felt more when after a few seconds of seeing the brutal murder on the screen, you start laughing yourself. Comedian Arthur was keen to see your laughter. But there was non-violence in this desire so no one was discontented.
But when violence erupted on the barren land of this desire, everyone saw their leader in cruelty. Comedian Arthur was left behind and the clown surfaced.
The crowd lifted the banner in their hands - we are all jester.

Critically clown

In the film, there are people around Arthur, who are told decisions without hearing or understanding him.
"You're funny ... you're not funny." 'You get fired.' Or listen to this while trying to make the child laugh - Do not disturb my child.
Who is a good on and off-screen reviewer?
The one who talks about cinematography, editing, music, acting, the plot in every fifth paragraph of his film review?
Or the one who is listening or watching his subject carefully?
When Arthur is on the screen waiting for the right critics of his comedy and tragedy, the cinematography is so amazing that every scene is seen in the arms.
In the very first scene, the clown gets smashed trying to laugh without dialogue. Breaking the board of 'Everything Must Go' and lying in the garbage lane. Waiting for the bad times to recycle.

Clown movieImage copyrightJOKERTRAILERGRAB

Joker: Writer, Music

There is less scope for lies in writing. It is very difficult to read your written lies. Really very easy ... like to come in 12th class and read a multiplication table.
Arthur's character also finds scope in writing.
'People expect you to behave as if you DONT.' That is, people expect good behaviour from you as if you are misbehaving with them.
If the entire Joker does not follow the film, then such marks are seen from place to place, which shows how much love its writers - Todd Phillips and Scott Silver have to write and speak.
Then the credits come on TV after watching the show of Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) in the apartment with old mother Neni (Murray Franklin). Arthur's diary and banner.
The hospital records, which Arthur finds out why the mother used to say that laughing is important.
The shocking habit of Hilder Guandotir, who gave music in 'Chernobyl', is also seen in Joker. In an interview, Dilder said, "I enjoy the most when the right tune is delivered at the right time."
The stairs on which Arthur climbs slowly, with his gloom, his style of descending from these stairs has completely changed when the Joker is made. Jumping on the water lying on the stairs, the clown also stops caring about the policemen coming from behind.
The Joker film tells the story of the 1970–80 era. This phase of the film is made up of references to some films like Taxi Driver and King of Comedy by Martin Scorsese.
On some occasions, the situation of the taxi driver also appears for Arthur. But Phoenix's acting keeps Arthur as Arthur and Joker as Joker.
After catching and leaving Arthur and Joker's character in the film, Phoenix becomes the Phoenix bird of Greek Mythology who resurfaces after his own ashes.
Mental health, sexual harassment of children, flirting with girls and poor versus rich. These are some of the things that the people watching the film are able to connect when the clown is passing through the screen.
Especially when Arthur says - I don't trust anything.
The Joker also questions the system's rules. "When you leave a mentally disturbed man in a ruined society, you get what you deserve." This is life.
People who see the mask on the faces of drawers near or far, only the Joker finds his truth. So what happened which seems to be his cruelty.
'..... Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Hahahahaha.
'What are you laughing at?
'I remembered a joke.'
'Tell me too.'
'No .... because you will not understand.'
The clown disappears from the dancing eyes with a pair of loneliness explaining some background music. Accusing all of us that every smile we see on our face is true….

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