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Liverpool - Arsenal 5: 5 (5: 4) English classic: Arsenal lost to Liverpool again

Liverpool hosted the London Arsenal in the match of the 4th round of the English League Cup. The meeting ended in a victory for the hosts in the penalty shootout

Liverpool - Arsenal 5: 5 (5: 4) English classic: Arsenal lost to Liverpool again
Liverpool - Arsenal 5: 5 (5: 4)

Match over
Liverpool in a penalty shoot-out bet London's Arsenal in a crazy match and advance to the next round of the English League Cup. Ten goals in regular time, the tense ending with the ball “scissors” in the last minute ... Today, Liverpool was really on fire.
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Martinez failed to save Arsenal after Jones hit - 5: 4! Liverpool triumphs.
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Maitland Niles with a light takeoff routinely realizes his attempt - 4: 4!
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Origi put the ball in the corner - 4: 3!
Penalty shootout
NO GOAL! Ceballos struck at a convenient height for the goalkeeper, Kelleher guessed the direction of the ball - 3: 3 as before.
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Brewster amazingly rolls the ball into the very corner of the goal - 3: 3!
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Martinelli sends a ball into the Liverpool net with a cannonball strike - 3: 2!
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Lallana leaves no chance Martinez - 2: 2!
Penalty shootout
GOAL! I guessed the Liverpool keeper the direction of the strike, but Guenduzi struck strongly and accurately - 2: 1!
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Milner kicks the goalkeeper and the ball into the corners - 1: 1!
Penalty shootout
GOAL! Bellerin confidently implements the first shot from the penalty spot - 1: 0!
The main time of the game ends. Liverpool heroically compares the score in the last minute of extra time and transfers the game to a penalty shootout.
`90 + 4
GOAL! On the second attempt, Wilmyas made a canopy into the penalty area, Origi freed himself from the guardianship of the defenders and sent the ball into the goal with a scissors strike. 5: 5 - Liverpool compare the score!
`90 + 2
Tierney got his back from Jones and fell on the lawn. Liverpool midfielder played dangerously.
`90 + 1
The judge adds five minutes to the second half.
Martinelli lies near the edge after a foul of van den Berg. But he will continue the game.
Teams play very slowly at the end of the meeting. Arsenal gave the ball to the scouts and does not at all strive to attack.
Saka gets a yellow card for a foul on Buster.
Now Arsenal has made a change in composition. Instead of Kolasinac, Kiran Tierney appeared on the field.
Substitution at Liverpool: Pedro Chirivella comes out instead of Oxlade Chamberlain.
Elliot burst into the penalty area and made a soft canopy to the far post - Kelleher caught the shell.
Kolasinac received a yellow card for a foul on Brewster. Tore off the attack on the flank.
Gomez played great, throwing the ball to his goalkeeper. Confidently acting young defender.
Liverpool has many innings for guests in the box - for now, all is in vain.
Substitution at Arsenal: Dani Ceballos leaves instead of Torreira.
GOAL! In the centre, Willock ran to the penalty area, freed himself from Lallana and decided to take a long-range strike - the ball hit the top nine! 5: 4 - Arsenal leads again.
Milner tried twice to bring the guests into the penalty area, including the standard, but nothing sensible happened. Well played on the second floor of the Gunners.
Moment! Martinelli shot into the penalty area exactly on the foot of a teammate who hit above the gate.
Substitution at Arsenal: instead of limping Ozil, Matteo Guendusi appears on the field.
Willock, for a foul on Elliott, by the way, received a yellow card.
Milner hung from the free-kick into the penalty area - the gunners fought back. In the second wave of the attack, nothing sensible was done.
GOAL! Origi on the penalty line received a pass from Jones, turned around beautifully, earned himself a ball and shot precisely on target. 4: 4 - Liverpool compare the score.
Holding in the middle of the field fouled on the opponent and almost got a hold of Lallana. Nerves.
Elliot dangerously broke through on the flank but failed to catch the ball.
GOAL! Oxlade-Chamberlain, a powerful kick from outside the box, sends the ball under the crossbar! 4: 2 - Liverpool cuts the lead.
Substitution at Liverpool: Curtis Jones appears on the field instead of Keith.
GOAL! Milner makes a terrible mistake - he gave it to his goalkeeper right in the center, the “gunners” intercepted the ball, Ozil made a pass with the heel to the empty net of Maitland-Niles, who easily crossed the ball into the goal. 4: 2 - Arsenal increases the advantage.
Torreira tried to touch the wall in the penalty area of ​​scouts but made an inaccurate pass.
And again, Saka decided on a long shot, this time in the centre. Again - past.
Saka from an acute angle decided to break through, breaking into the box. Strong and high.
The second half has begun!
The referee’s whistle sends the team for a break - “Arsenal” leads with a score of 3: 2. The Gunners simply scored their goals, taking advantage of the mistakes of the inexperienced Reds. One cannot but note the number of controversial decisions of the referee ... One way or another, good football was in the first half.
`45 + 1
The referee compensates for two minutes to the first half.
Lallana receives a yellow card for a foul on an opponent.
After watching the replay, everything is not so obvious: it can be seen from certain frames that Elliot fell on his own. One way or another, but a few seconds before the ball hit the player of the Arsenal in the penalty area.
GOAL! Milner confidently kicks the goalkeeper and the ball in the corners - 3: 2! Liverpool is closing the gap.
PENALTY! Elliot turned great in the Arsenal penalty box, forcing Martinelli to foul on himself.
Williams tried not to shoot in the penalty area, but instead hit Willock's legs.
They give a lot of space to Ozil. This time, the German-made a Maitland-Niles transfer to the flank, he shot, but the Liverpool defenders carried it out.
GOAL! Elliot was circumcised near the sideline, Saka shot into the penalty area on Martinelli, who calmly sent the ball into the goal into touch - “Arsenal” led with the score 3: 1.
The hosts took the ball and ride in their half of the field. Remarkably, Liverpool players rarely attack with the centre, preferring the flanks.
Oxlade-Chamberlain fought well for the ball with the defenders, gave the return pass to Elliott, from whom he had not passed into the penalty area.
Milner prospectively hung in the Arsenal penalty box - Brewster could not navigate.
In attack, both teams play exemplary, but with the defence of the problem. There are many opportunities to score, specifics are few.
GOAL! The second time the holding shot Liverpool into the penalty area, to which Martinelli responded in the goalkeeper, leaving no chance for the goalkeeper of the scouts.
Brewster received a yellow card for blocking Martinez.
Wow. Martinez calmly knocked the ball to himself, and for some reason, Brewster began to interfere with him. This moment does not colour him.
Lallana from the flank tried to shift into the penalty box of the opponent, but could not beat the opponent - the leg went.
The repeat shows that Toreira was offside at the time of the goal. Controversial episode.
GOAL! An excellent attack took place at Arsenal, Martinelli shot from the flank, but Torreira heel could not forward the ball into the goal. In the second wolf of the attack, Ozil made a pass to the center of the penalty area, Saka struck, and the goalkeeper of the “Reds” repelled a blow right in front of him - Torreira was already sending a round into an empty frame. 1: 1 - Arsenal equalized.
Maitland-Niles made a good cross into the Liverpool penalty box - as a result, the ball did not reach Saki.
Liverpool took a territorial advantage, but it is clear that it does not at all strive to play the first number.
Saka made an attempt to shoot scouts into the penalty area - the Liverpool defenders made the ball without problems.
Moment! Oxlade-Chamberlain ran out from behind the backs of the defenders and was almost at a rendezvous with the goalkeeper, but could not handle the ball.
Bellerin got a good run, he beat his opponent, but Milner arrived in time, knocking the ball out from under the feet of the “Gunners” defender.
Kelleher recklessly stepped out of his goal to the sideline and was pressured by the Arsenal forward, but managed to make a pass to the centre of the field.
AUTOGOL! Passed by Liverpool backache from the right flank, and Mustafi, trying to knock the ball, cut it into his own net. 1-0 - the “red" led.
Elliot from the flank shifted to the centre, went into the penalty area and twisted into the far upper corner - high and strong.
Arsenal confidently holds the ball in the first minutes. Without dangerous moments and even approaches to the goal, the game is played.
The match has begun! Go!
According to the tournament regulations, extra time in the event of a tie in regular time is not played - the teams immediately start the penalty shootout.
The last time the teams met each other in August - the meeting ended with the score 3: 1 in favour of the “Gunners”. In addition, it is worth noting that the last victory of Arsenal over the Merseysiders dates back to April 2015.
10:05 p.m.
The match will begin at 22.30 Moscow time.
10 p.m.
Good evening, dear football fans! Welcome to the online text translation of the match of the 4th round of the English League Cup Liverpool - Arsenal.

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