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LoC: Indian and Pakistani fight kill several soldiers and civilians

MUZAFFARABAD - Pakistan and India exchanged firearms on the Line of Control (LoC), which confirmed the death of civilians and military personnel on both sides. LoC: Indian and Pakistani fight kill several soldiers and civilians

A statement issued by the Pakistan Public Relations Department said that the Indian army targeted the civilian population at three different locations.

Indian Army opened fire in the Neelam Valley and Nowshera sector between Saturday and Sunday, Pakistani-administered Kashmir officials said.

Authorities confirmed the killing of five people in Nowshera, while 10 civilians were also injured in the shelling.

LoC: Indian and Pakistani fight kill several soldiers and civilians

Pakistani troops claim killing 5 Indian soldiers - File photo
Pakistani troops claim to kill 5 Indian soldiers - File photo
Muzaffarabad deputy commissioner Mohammad Omar said five people and five injured have been shifted to hospital.

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Those skilled in the shelling also included workers from other areas.
Mohammad Amir said that two of the dead were from Swat who worked hard in the area.
On the other hand, according to Indian news agency ANI, the Indian army targeted the alleged terrorist hideouts in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.
ANI added in the report that two Indian soldiers were killed in the shelling of Pakistan Army while one civilian was also targeted while three persons were injured.
According to India's state-run news agency Press Trust of India, violations of the ceasefire by Pakistan have resulted in the deaths of two soldiers and a civilian in the Kapwara sector of Kashmir.
The Press Trust of India quoted the Indian Army as saying that the Indian army had targeted five terrorist camps in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.
Five Pakistani soldiers have been claimed to be killed in a report by the state news agency.
On the other hand, Major General Asif Ghafoor, Director General of Public Relations (DG) of Pakistan's military, claimed that the Indian army targeted the general population in Joda, Shah Kot and Nowshera sectors while 9 Indian soldiers were killed in retaliation. While their 2 bunkers were also destroyed.

Indian unprovoked CFVs in Jura, shahkot & Nousehri Sectors deliberately targeting civilians. Effectively responded. 9 Indian soldiers killed several injured. 2 Indian bunkers destroyed.
During exchange of fire 1 soldier & 3 civilians shaheed, 2 soldiers & 5 civilians injured.

According to Asif Ghafoor, a Pakistani soldier was killed and three civilians were killed in firing and shelling in violation of the ceasefire agreement by India. Seven people, including two military personnel, were injured.
Indian media is quoting Indian Army sources as saying that four 'launching pads' of terrorists have been targeted in Pakistan.
In Indian media, launching pads are the places from which militants enter Kashmir-controlled Kashmir.
A Pakistani army spokesman has denied any such camp, calling it a false claim.
It is clear that the two countries are accusing each other of initiating violations.

Indian Army shall always get befitting response to CFVs. Pakistan Army shall protect innocent civilians along LOC & inflict unbearable cost to Indian Army. Indian lies to justify their false claims & preparations for a false flag operation will continue to be exposed with truth.

According to an ISPR spokesman, the Indian army also raised white flags to carry the bodies of its personnel.
Referring to the white flag waving, Major General Asif Ghafoor said that India should think before violating the ceasefire agreement, but that they should not target the general population.
He also called on the Indian Army to uphold military values.

Indian Army struggling to pick dead bodies and evacuate injured soldiers. Indian Army raising white flag. This they should think before initiating unprovoked CFVs and respect military norms by avoiding to target innocent civilians.

Regarding the launching pads, Shah Ghulam Qadir, a member of the legislative assembly and speaker from the Neelam Valley in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, told Voice of America that the Indian claim was false and baseless.
He said the Indian army had opened fire on the civilian population with heavy artillery. Which killed and injured many people.
Shah Ghulam Qadir said the shelling had damaged several houses, shops and vehicles.
It should be noted that since the establishment of Kashmir Pakistan and India, the cause of the two countries has been divided. There have also been two wars on Kashmir between the two countries.

LoC shelling also targets the general population - file photos
LoC shelling also targets the general population - file photos
Pakistan declares Kashmir as its vein while India considers it an integral part.
On August 5 this year, India abolished the special constitutional status of Kashmir under its control, after which the already strained relations between the two countries had worsened.

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