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“Only Russia’s hand”: US may break another treaty

The United States may withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, which allows participating countries to fly around each other’s territories“Only Russia’s hand”: the US may break another treaty

“Only Russia’s hand”: US may break another treaty

The United States may withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, which allows participating countries to fly around each other’s territories, Congressman Eliot Engel said. He urged the White House to abandon this decision, because, in his opinion, it would play into the hands of only Russia. However, Moscow also did not support such an idea.

Washington does not rule out the possibility of withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty (DON), said Eliot Engel, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, New York State Democrat. However, he noted that such information alarmed him. In a letter that Engel sent to the Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security, Robert O'Brien,
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he strongly urged the US administration not to take such a reckless move.

The text of this document was made public by the congressman’s office.
“The document, since its entry into force in 2002, provided important military transparency to the signatory countries. The withdrawal of the US from the treaty will be in the hands of only Russia, it will harm our allies, partners and American security interests, ”said the legislator. He recalled that this agreement allows the United States and allies to track the deployment of the Russian military and collect information on the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.
Engel expressed the view that the US withdrawal from the Don may cause the separation of the transatlantic union and undermine confidence in the country as a reliable and predictable partner in ensuring European security.
“If the administration is really considering the possibility of changing the status of the document, then this should be part of an open process, including consultations with Congress, it is also necessary to clearly explain to other participants our intentions,” the letter says. He called the consultations an important condition for the successful change of the document but noted that the administration did not conduct them.
The chairman of the committee noted that Congress was aware of the White House’s concern over Russia's implementation of the provisions of the document.
He supported efforts to fully implement the provisions of the document relating to Kaliningrad, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as restrictions imposed on Russian flights over the United States. “But it’s clear that this is not a material violation of the document and cannot justify the potential reason for withdrawing from the contract,” Engel emphasized.
He drew attention to the fact that relations between Washington and Moscow over the past decade have become more tense and complex, and in these conditions, dialogue with Russia is very important.
In addition, the congressman is confident that this treaty continues to safeguard American security interests.
A member of the Federation Council ’s Defense and Security Committee, Franz Klintsevich, in response to such news from Washington, said that Russia was opposed to a possible US withdrawal from the Don. He called this document necessary for all parties.
The senator explained to RIA Novosti that the agreement allows preventing possible airborne collisions, conflicts, as well as dangerous situations that may "arise simply by misunderstanding."
“It’s not very clear why the US needs to escalate the situation and talk about withdrawing from the treaty; this is a dangerous game. Such intentions are similar to the behaviour of offended boys, ”he said.
The deputy director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of RUDN University Nikita Danyuk in connection with the appearance of such information drew attention to the trend of the US refusal of international obligations related to military-political issues.
“The current Trump administration is pursuing its goals, it is trying in every possible way to demonstrate that America should not limit its military potential, its capabilities to various agreements. Exit from this Agreement is more than possible, ”said Datsyuk RT.
The political scientist pointed out the destructive nature of withdrawal from international agreements. He noted that this could lead to an even greater escalation of international conflicts. According to him, the US withdrawal from this agreement will confirm the state’s intention to become a "hegemon" in the military sphere.
The Multilateral International Open Skies Treaty was signed on March 24, 1992, in Helsinki by representatives of 23 member states of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The purpose of the document is to help build confidence between states by improving mechanisms for controlling military activities and complying with existing arms control treaties.
The contract establishes an open sky regime. Thanks to him, participants can fly over each other’s territories. Russia ratified this treaty on May 26, 2001.
In August last year, US President Donald Trump signed the country's defense budget, which, in particular, indicated a clause on freezing the implementation of DON with Russia until it, as stated in the document, returns to its observance. Later, the State Department explained that Washington is not suspending its participation in the treaty and intends to continue its implementation.

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