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Port strike: US targets for Russian missiles

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In the event of a "big war", Russia could strike at the German port of Bremerhaven, where the military landed from the United States, Port strike: US targets for Russian missiles

Russian Navy's Yuri Dolgoruky nuclear submarine launches Bulava missiles : News Photo

In the event of a "big war", Russia could strike at the German port of Bremerhaven, where the military landed from the United States, the American expert is convinced. If Russian submarines destroy port locks, the States will not be able to transfer military equipment to Europe through northern Germany. Dutch ports, he said, are also a potential target for Russians.

If a full-scale war begins between Russia and NATO, then the Russian nuclear submarine Yasen can strike the German city of Bremerhaven. This was reported on the website of the United States Naval Institute, citing expert Andrew Metric.

According to him, it was Bremerhaven - the main European port that accepts military transports from the United States.
“If the Russians destroy port locks and railway bridges, the port will be paralyzed,” the article says. In this case, the United States will not be able to use northern Germany to transfer heavy armoured vehicles to Europe.

In addition, the Dutch ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp are potential targets for attacking Russian submarines. They are also very vulnerable to missile attacks.
According to the expert, it was precisely the high-precision missiles created by Russia that put the ports of Northern Europe at risk - during the years of the Cold War, they were considered "safe." He also notes that
The Russian Navy is now in a "transitional age", its striking capabilities are significantly increasing and changing - as was demonstrated during the Syrian campaign.
At the same time, President Vladimir Putin told the Arab media that the new Cold War would affect Russia the least.
“This will affect Russia to the least extent, because, as I have already said, promising types of weapons that are absolutely exclusive, which no one else in the world has, we have. To a certain extent, we have already gone our own way in this sense. Now we are thinking about prospects, working calmly, ”the Russian leader emphasized.
According to him, Russia ranks seventh in the world in defense spending, spending $ 48 billion a year.
According to Putin, the arms race is a bad thing that does not bode well for the world. However, Russia is not going to spend "exorbitant" funds on the development of the defense industry.
The Yasen-M submarine mentioned by the American military expert is one of the most powerful developments of the Russian military-industrial complex.
Admiral James Foggo, commander of the US Navy in Europe, praised the Russian submarine fleet as "extremely effective." According to the American naval seaman, activity in the war of submarines has increased significantly since the beginning of his service in Europe and since the Cold War.
“Russia continues to pump its fleet with money, developing submarines. It is the underwater theatre of operations that is most important in the context of an integrated military game, ”said Foggo.
In December 2017, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg was forced to admit that the North Atlantic Alliance had lost its ability to deal with submarines. After the Cold War ended, NATO “reduced its capabilities at sea,” he said. “We trained less and lost our skills,” Stoltenberg admitted.
At the same time, he noted the successes of the Russian submarine fleet - since the Cold War, the Russian Navy raised the activity of submarines to the "highest level", and "significant funds" were invested in the development of the fleet.
NATO Secretary-General also noted that the alliance should be able to transport troops and equipment through the Atlantic, which separates Europe and the USA.
In June 2019, The National Interest magazine reported that Russian submarines entered the top five ratings of the “deadliest” submarines in the world. The list includes the fourth-generation nuclear submarine (nuclear submarine) of project 955 Borey, the submarine of project 667BDRM Dolphin, and the multi-purpose nuclear submarine of project 885 Ash.
The lead submarine of the Yasen project, K-560 Severodvinsk, was laid down at the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise on December 23, 1993. Due to a number of problems, construction was delayed, but in 2010 the submarine was launched. The next boat, it was decided to upgrade, and the series was called "Ash-M".
The multi-purpose submarines of the Yasen-M project have a displacement of 13.8 thousand tons, a submersion depth of 520 m, and an underwater speed of 31 knots. The autonomy of swimming - 100 days. The crew is 64 people. In service mine, torpedoes of 533 mm calibre, cruise missiles Caliber and Onyx.

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