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Retaliatory nuclear strike: how long will Russia have

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The videoconferencing system said that the top leadership of Russia will have several tens of minutes. The VKS called the time for a retaliatory nuclear strike: how long will Russia have

Retaliatory nuclear strike: how long will Russia have

The videoconferencing system said that the top leadership of Russia will have several tens of minutes in order to make a balanced decision to launch a counter nuclear strike in case the missile attack warning systems work. Russian authorities have repeatedly emphasized that Moscow considers nuclear weapons to be a means of defending the country.

The top Russian leadership will have several tens of minutes to decide on a counter nuclear strike in the event of a missile attack warning system. This was stated by the radio station "Echo of Moscow", the chief of staff of the 15th Army of the Aerospace Forces (special purpose) Anatoly Nestechuk.

“The flying time is different depending on the directions from where it flies, how it flies. <...> This figure requires a very serious, powerful willpower to make a quick decision. But in general, time is very enough. Not minutes, not tens of minutes - more than tens of minutes, so to speak, ”the military man drew attention.

According to Nestechuk, in the new state armament program after 2025, the aerospace forces propose to continue the construction of radar stations of the missile attack warning system.
“It is very important for us to receive information about the enemy in other strategic aerospace directions. We know these places and are very active in ensuring that later in the state armament program our colleagues at the Ministry of Defense implement this in a concrete decision, ”said the chief of staff.
He added that the current program involves the construction of radar in 2021 in Vorkuta, in 2022 in Olenegorsk and in 2024 in Sevastopol.

It is worth noting that the Russian authorities have repeatedly said that Russia considers nuclear weapons as a means of defense, that is, theoretically, Moscow can only deliver a retaliatory nuclear strike. As previously stated by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, this decision will be made if missile attack warning systems record missile launch, can accurately predict their flight path, as well as the time the warheads will fall on the territory of the country, RIA Novosti reports.
A few days earlier, Putin, in response to a question from the leading Valdai club plenary meeting, whether we have become “closer to paradise” over the past year, Vladimir Putin said: “We are always equally close to the Lord, and he will determine where we are after graduation our earthly journey. But the situation did not get better. "
Touching on this topic, the presenter recalled last year’s statement by the head of state. Then Putin, speaking about the possibility of a nuclear war with the participation of Russia, said that the aggressors "would simply die, because they won’t even have time to repent," and "we, as a victim of aggression, as martyrs, will go to heaven," RIA Novosti reports.
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In the same year, the Russian president noted that the situation worsened due to the US withdrawing "from the agreement on intermediate and shorter-range missiles." At the same time, Vladimir Putin is confident that the situation can be resolved until the US authorities make a final decision on deploying missiles in Asia.
The fact that, if necessary, the United States will deploy its nuclear weapons on the first chain of islands in the Asia-Pacific region, and not in Europe, was announced in August by the then US ambassador to Russia John Huntsman in a commentary on Ekho Moskvy radio station.
According to Konstantin Sivkov, retired first-rank Russian captain, first vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, if the Americans install their missiles in Asia, they will do so in Japan and South Korea.
“In other places, placing medium- and shorter-range missiles does not make much sense, because the Americans need these missiles to solve two problems,” the expert drew attention in an interview with Zvezda TV channel.
The first task is to inflict a "decapitation blow on China." Sivkov believes that proximity to China will allow the American authorities to destroy their intercontinental ballistic missile control centres, the weapons themselves, as well as "the deployment sites of Chinese nuclear submarines with missiles of this type." Thus, the expert is sure, China will not have the opportunity to strike back at the USA.
As a second task, the media interlocutor called a blow to Russia. “More specifically, we are talking about submarines armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,” he said.
According to him, the American leadership, except for these two countries, does not see a threat for itself in the Asia-Pacific region.
At the same time, Sivkov drew attention to the fact that the missile attack warning system (SPRN) was not ideal, and there were cases when it reacted to false targets. However, if the missiles are sent directly from the United States, then the approach time, which will be about 30 minutes, is enough to correctly identify the target.
“And when the flight time is 5-8 minutes, which is achieved by installing missiles at a closer distance, it is almost impossible to accurately determine the threat and respond in time,” the military added. He also drew attention to the fact that the false positive of the SPRN significantly increases the "threat of a large-scale nuclear war."

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