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Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.

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Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.

The war does not change again ... At least the one that unfolded in the Plants vs Zombies series ten years ago. First, the brainless army of Dr Zomboss fought with the "flower" troops in the tower defense genre, and later the conflict grew to the scale of a multiplayer shooter.
As in the case of Garden Warfare 2, in the "Battle for Neyborville," developers from PopCap Games did not reinvent the wheel: they took all the best from their predecessor and multiplied by two, or even three. In this case, the principle of "the same, but more" works fine.

Outside the Garden

The first thing that catches your eye is some indecent amount of PvE content, compared to the previous part. If in Garden Warfare 2 there was one zone for both solo and cooperative races, then in “The Battle for Neyborville” there are three of them: “Downtown” in the spirit of one-story America, “Restless Forest” with gigantic living trees and “Downhill Mountain” - An analogue of the Wild West. In the first location, you can fight for both sides, but the other two are unique to the "walking" and "plants", respectively.
Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.
Flowers in this game are pun masters

Each region has a unique set of tasks and even some kind of plot. For example, playing for the flora, in the "City Center" you need to save the comrades who got into the zombie trap named Shock, and taking the side of the undead - figure out who infects Dr Zomboss's wards with the "non-zombie virus".

The only sad thing is that all story arches are built according to one pattern: to find out what the problem is, to collect several unique items to get to the boss and deal with him. The tasks themselves also do not shine with variety and are reduced mainly to the shooting of enemy fighters.
Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.

But boss fights turned out to be surprisingly cool. Firstly, there are several stages in each. Secondly, there is a set of unique techniques that the reptile skillfully combines. For example, the same Shock, sitting in a hefty disco ball, first throws you rockets and vinyl records; in the second stage, he starts jumping, trying to crush the player, and in the third, he also projects panels that move around the arena and cause damage. However, even with all their arsenal, bosses do not cause any special difficulties, so you can safely pass them alone.

Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.
An analogue of local loot boxes: only 30,000 gold and the hat is in your pocket. The benefit of the currency is produced with little blood
In addition to the main plot, in each region, there are a lot of side tasks, secrets and trials. In addition, special items that can be exchanged for chest cards and other bonuses fall from mobs. And if you also collect medals, you can get hold of unique equipment.
Various cosmetics in the game above the roof: in addition to full-fledged skins for characters, you can also knock out individual elements of the wardrobe: for example, hats or shoes. In addition, developers will occasionally hold festive events (now an event dedicated to All Saints Day is taking place), participating in which you can get more exclusive awards.
Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.

Unbalanced diet

Almost all network modes migrated straight from the previous part. Want to just chop enemies? You in the "Confrontation of troops" - an analogue of the usual team battle. Do you like well-coordinated teamwork? Especially for you, there is a “Dwarf with a bomb”, where it is necessary to lay an exploding gnome at a control point of the enemy. Well, if your heart requires large-scale battles, start the "Gasification" - a mode for twenty-four players with a variety of tasks. We did not forget about the connoisseurs of the cooperative either: in Operations, you have to team up with other players to protect an important object from waves of enemies.
Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.

In “Battle for Neyborville”, in fact, there is only one new mode - “Battle Arena”. It is designed for two teams of four players: the one that won in four rounds of seven wins. However, in the event of death, you will not be able to select your character again - as in competitive Quake Champions duels. And everything seems to be good; on the one hand, developers are trying to focus on team play: the characters are divided into classes (attack, defense and support), and in the menu, you can read a description of each role. On the other hand, if you play with random strangers, you can immediately forget about well-coordinated work.
Say, in some Overwatch, your chosen character becomes inaccessible to other players, so they have to equip the team with the remaining heroes. And if you take the right heroes, you can more or less balance your squad. In Plants vs. Zombies, the entire group can consist of the same fighters: for example, in a couple of matches, my associates chose exclusively attacking characters and the team turned out to be unbalanced. In fact, who needs healers 
Review of Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neyborville.

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