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Sonia Gandhi's: Modi government bluntly on Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary

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On the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi's: Modi government bluntly on Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary
Sonia Gandhi
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while adopting an attack on the Narendra Modi government at the Center, said that it is easy to take Gandhi's name but it is not easy to follow his path.

At the conclusion of the Congress padayatra, Sonia Gandhi said that some people want to make the country a symbol of RSS, but this is not possible because Gandhi's ideas are in the foundation of our country.
Sonia Gandhi left the Congress office under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi in Delhi and reached Rajghat.

Read what Sonia Gandhi said?

Mahatma Gandhiji inspired the whole world to take the path of non-violence and truth. Salutes the memory of such a great man again and again.
Today, when our country and the whole world is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, all of us are proud that where India has reached today, it has walked on Gandhi's path.
It is easy to take Gandhiji's name but it is not easy to follow his path.
He was not the first to try to take India in his direction by taking the name of Gandhiji, but in the last few years, he considers himself very powerful by doing the open business of equal punishment.
In spite of all this, if India does not happen then it is because at the foundation of our country, the foundation of Gandhi Ji's schools.
India and Gandhi are synonymous with each other. It is a different matter that nowadays some people have taken stubbornness to reverse it.
They want the RSS to become a symbol of India, not Gandhiji. I want to say this clearly to anyone who says that in our country's mixed culture, mixed civilization and mixed society, nothing can ever think of Gandhiji's all-inclusive system.
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'Only those who have been victimized are being put in jail'

It is a matter of great regret that today the farmers are in a state of disrepair, our youth are struggling with unemployment, industries have closed down.
Sisters ... Leave the village is not safe even in big cities, and the influential people who tortured them are resting and those who have been victimized are being put in jail.
These days, I want to say humbly to those who consider themselves the fate of India, that Gandhiji is a symbol of love, not of hatred. They are symbols of harmony, not of tension. It is not a symbol of autocracy but of democracy.
Rest, no one should show anything but the Congress has run on Gandhiji's principles and the Congress will run.
That is why I tell all the sisters and brothers of the Congress that in order to protect the basic values ​​of India, to protect our constitutional institutions, to keep our social fabric alive, we will have the freedom of different identity of the people Everybody has to go to street, village to village-like Gandhi ji one day, then India will go.
Today we have to go from here with a pledge to pay the basic cost of India, the ancient dignity, cultural traditions, values ​​of diversity and mutual harmony to pay all costs.
No matter how long this struggle is, how difficult it is, we will continue on this path until we are successful. I assure that if the resolve is strong then the destination is never far away.

Priest of Gandhi Truth, a worshiper of non-violence

How will those who are doing politics based on untruths understand that Gandhiji was a priest of truth?
Those who are allowed to do everything for their power, how will they understand that Gandhiji was a worshiper of non-violence.
Those who are thirsty to keep all the power in their own fist even in a democracy, how will they understand what is the importance of Gandhiji's Swaraj.
And those who get a chance to show themselves as surveyors, how will they understand what is the value of Gandhi Ji's selfless service.
Mahatma Gandhiji wanted India and its villages to be self-sufficient. After independence, the Congress has taken steps to bring revolutionary change by following this path.
Whether it was Nehru Ji, Shastri Ji, Indira Ji, Rajiv Ji, Narasimha Rao Ji or Dr Manmohan Singh Ji ... all fought day and night to create a new India and set a new example of progress.

Gandhi's soul is sad!

This is the reason why we set so many floors. By following Gandhiji's path, the Congress created more new employment opportunities, freed many people from poverty, provided more new means to our Annadata farmers, provided more facilities for our sisters, as much as the youth and the youth. Gave education facilities ... They are unmatched.
But the condition of India that has happened in the last four or five years, I think that Gandhiji's soul will also be sad after seeing it.

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