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Syria decision: what Erdogan wants from a meeting with Putin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he intends to “find an acceptable solution” during a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In particular, Erdogan wants all the areas of Syria where the Kurds live to be “cleansed” of militants. The meeting of the two leaders will be held on October 22 in Sochi and will be devoted to the situation in the north of Syria. It will be held on October 22 in Sochi.

Syria decision: what Erdogan wants from a meeting with Putin

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to discuss with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin the interests of Moscow and Damascus in the creation of a security zone in northern Syria, reports TASS.

“On Tuesday [October 22], we will meet with Putin in Sochi. Our goal is to find an acceptable solution. We want the areas where the [Syrian] regime is present to be completely cleared of the militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party and the People’s Self-Defense Forces [both organizations are considered terrorist in Turkey]. And we have no objection that these areas will be controlled by the regime, ”the Turkish president drew attention to a press conference in Istanbul.
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He also added that the Turkish authorities will not have cause for concern if Manbij is under the control of the Syrian government.
At a meeting to be held next Tuesday, according to Erdogan, representatives of the Syrian government will not be present.
At the same time, the Turkish head noted in a conversation with representatives of the media that Turkey would not constantly carry out the fight against terrorists in a neighbouring state.
“Turkey, of course, will not endlessly fight terrorism in Syria. This is the duty of the Syrian regime, ”RIA Novosti quoted Erdogan as saying.
On the eve of his meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence. During the negotiations, the politicians agreed to establish a truce for 120 hours, that is, for five days. This would allow the withdrawal of the self-defence forces of the Syrian Kurds from the border with Turkey.
According to Pence, the parties, in particular, agreed that the Kurds would withdraw their forces from the 30-kilometre security zone on the border between Turkey and Syria. However, the United States promised to facilitate this process. However, US troops will not return to this region.
“What we were striving for came true yesterday [Thursday, October 17]. The result of negotiations with Pence was yesterday a joint statement of 13 points. The terrorist organization will leave the security zone 32 km wide and 444 km long from west to east, as we agreed, ”Erdogan said at a press conference, expressing the hope that he will be able to achieve all the goals in the framework of this special operation.
However, according to Reuters, which refers to a statement by a representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS), Turkish fighters fired on settlements in Syrian Kurdistan after a meeting of politicians. The Kurds regarded this as a breakdown of the agreements reached.
“Despite the ceasefire agreement, Turkish aviation and artillery continue to raid the positions of our fighters and strike at peaceful settlements,” Mustafa Bali, spokesman for the SDS, said.
According to RIA Novosti, mostly targets are fired at near the hospital, which is why doctors cannot get to the Syrian city of Ras al-Ain.
On August 7, Turkish and US authorities agreed that they would create a joint operations centre in Syria. It was necessary in order to create a buffer zone in the north of the country where it would be possible to place the Syrian refugees who now live in Turkey. In addition, this security zone should become a kind of protection for the Turkish borders from terrorists.

However, Turkey failed to reach the desired agreements with the American side. On October 1, Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Turkish army would cope with the task on its own. Eight days later, the Turkish president announced that he was launching an operation in northern Syria under the name "Source of Peace." According to him, this operation will not end until the Kurdish fighters lay down their arms. At the same time, he noted that if the Kurds themselves leave these territories, then this will be the fastest option for ending attacks on Kursk formations. Otherwise, Turkey will continue to pursue its goal.
It is worth noting that most European countries and the United States opposed the operation carried out by Erdogan. However, the Turkish leader responded to all the indignation of the representatives of the European Union with a threat that he could open the borders for the passage of Syrian refugees to Europe.

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