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Syrian army come for help Kurds against the Turkish Attack

After Turkish forces attacked the Kurds in northern Syria, the Syrian government has said it has begun deploying government forces along the Turkish border to assist the Kurds.

Turkish troops are entering Rass al-Ain, a Kurdish-held town in Syria.  October 12, 2019

Earlier, President Trump had ordered that US troops be withdrawn from all areas where fighting was taking place between the Kurds and the Turkish forces, to avoid any casualties.

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Turkey sees Kurdish militants as a threat near its border.

The announcement by the Syrian government on Sunday marks a major change in the unity for the Kurds.

The Kurds had been fighting against ISIS militants in the area for a long time under the patronage of the United States, and they forced ISIS, which had established its government in a large part of Syria, to flee.

But now the United States has left them alone, facing severe criticism from the Kurds. President Trump's decision is being criticized even within the United States.

US Defense Secretary Mark Asper has said that all US troops are being evacuated due to the growing threat due to the ongoing war in northern Syria.

Syrian television said in a report that government troops are heading north to counter the Turkish aggression.

According to a report by the news agency AP, a Syrian Kurdish official was quoted as saying that under an agreement reached through Russia, Syrian government forces could move to Kurdish-controlled towns from where the United States is located. Removing his troops.

The Syrian Observatory, which monitors the human rights situation in Syria, has said that under the agreement, Syrian forces will be deployed and deployed where US military forces were deployed following ISIS's withdrawal in 2015.

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