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Scientists predicted the effects of a nuclear war between Pakistan and India in 2025. According to the scenario, The sun will be hidden: what will be the nuclear war in 2025

The sun will be hidden: what will be the nuclear war in 2025

this time these two powers will have about 500 warheads with a capacity of up to several hundred kilotons. Nuclear war, experts say, will lead to the deaths of tens of millions of people, climate change and hunger.

Scientists have estimated the consequences of a possible nuclear war between India and Pakistan. The work of researchers entitled "The rapid expansion of the nuclear arsenals of India and Pakistan portends a regional and global catastrophe" was published in the journal Science Advances.

In their forecast, a team of scientists from different countries at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Colorado simulated a likely war between the two powers, based on the fact that by 2025 they will have about 400-500 nuclear weapons with a capacity of 12 or more (“Baby” dropped to Hiroshima, had a capacity of 13-18 kilotons) up to several hundred kilotons per warhead.

“India and Pakistan are of particular concern due to the long history of military clashes, the lack of progress in resolving territorial issues and the continued rapid expansion of their nuclear arsenals,” the article says.
The consequences of a collision of two nuclear powers were calculated on the RMACC Summit supercomputer. The scientists model suggests that Pakistan will be the first to attack. The article also says that if India uses 100 weapons, then its enemy will use 150 warheads.
Moreover, the blows that countries, according to scientists, will apply to urban centres and densely populated areas of each other, will lead to the deaths of 50 to 125 million people.
Due to fires that result from attacks, 16 to 36 teams of carbon can be released. Soot, which rises to the upper layers of the troposphere, then to the stratosphere and spreads throughout the world within a few weeks, will block the access of the sun. The amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface will be 20-35% less. Because of this, the temperature will drop throughout the planet by an average of 2-5 degrees.

However, precipitation will decrease by 15-30%. There will also be a sharp decline in the yield and reproduction of living creatures - by 15-30% on land and by 5-15% in the oceans, which will lead to mass starvation. The restoration of the planet will take about 10 years.
Although researchers assess the likelihood of a nuclear collision as “possible”, in reality there are prerequisites for war. So, in early October this year, Pakistan warned the entire world community that a nuclear war with India is quite likely, RIA Novosti reports.
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"It is likely that even a limited military conflict will escalate into a nuclear war," said Masud Khan, head of the Pakistan-led unit in Kashmir.
He added that Pakistan is not trying to initiate hostilities. “We are predicting a realistic scenario so that the international community can intervene and put pressure on India, convincing it to reverse its illegal actions,” the politician explained.
At the same time, he believes that if this conflict occurs, then "other countries will not be directly involved in this."
“If there is a war between India and Pakistan, it will be very fast and vile. And she will be deadly. It will be armageddon. Hundreds of millions of people will die in South Asia, radiation will affect 2.5 billion people around the world, ”Khan said.
In early August, New Delhi introduced direct federal government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, to which Pakistan reacted sharply. It is worth noting that these states, which remained in India after the separation of Pakistan, are the only territories where most of the inhabitants are Muslims.
The countries have already fought three times over Kashmir. Separatists are actively operating there, for which the Pakistani authorities accuse New Delhi of support. In response, Islamabad says local residents are fighting for their rights on their own, without Pakistan.
At the same time, Russia believes that the two countries lack direct dialogue. “I met yesterday with (Pakistan) Prime Minister Imran Khan. We talked about the Kashmir problem. And we firmly reaffirmed the need for a direct dialogue between India and Pakistan, ”said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the end of September.


  1. Look forward to it as the sun has been really strong this summer.

  2. Look forward to it as the sun has been really strong this summer.


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