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“The USSR had to decrease”: what Trump prophesies to Russia

US President Donald Trump compared Russia's participation in the armed conflict in Syria with the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan.

“The USSR had to decrease”: what Trump prophesies to Russia

US President Donald Trump compared Russia's participation in the armed conflict in Syria with the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan. This opinion over the past four years has been expressed by various politicians, including Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama. Russia in response argued that there was no reason for such a theory.

US President Donald Trump believes that Russia and Syria will be able to deal with the militants themselves because they hate the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS, banned in Russia) more than the United States. At the same time, Russia with its participation in the Syrian conflict risks repeating the fate of the Soviet army in the Afghan military campaign, the American headnotes. This opinion is quite popular among foreign politicians and has been heard for the past four years, but Russia is sure that there are no grounds for such a theory.

"They [in Russia] there [in Syria] have a lot of sand with which they can play," Trump quotes at a meeting with Italian President Sergio Matarella Bloomberg.

He noted that Russia's desire to participate in what is happening in Syria is exclusively its decision. “They have problems with Turkey, they have problems with the border. This is not our border, we should not lose our lives there, ”the president said. In addition, he called the situation on the Turkish-Syrian border “strategically excellent” for the United States.

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At the same time, the American leader did not rule out that a Russian presence in the Arab Republic could cost Moscow dearly.

In this context, he drew a parallel with the Soviet military campaign in the conflict in Afghanistan in the 1980s. “Once it was called the USSR, now it’s called Russia, and there is a reason for that - they had to decrease because they lost so much money in Afghanistan,” Trump said.
The troops of the USSR from 1979 to 1989 participated in the armed conflict in Afghanistan together with the authorities of the country. They fought against the armed opposition, which was supported, including the United States. In total, in the war, the army of the Soviet Union lost more than 14 thousand people, the KGB - 576 people, the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 28 people dead and missing. More than 53 thousand people were injured, shell-shocked and injured. The Soviet Union collapsed two years after the end of the campaign.
The Russian operation in Syria against the Islamic State grouping banned in the Russian Federation and a number of other countries were the first-ever large-scale campaign of Moscow in the territory of a foreign state. Russia has been conducting it since 2015. The Russian military and military police provide humanitarian assistance, mine clearance and facilitate the reconciliation of the parties to the civil conflict. Today, Russian troops are patrolling areas in northern Syria, thus preventing clashes between parts of the Turkish army and Kurdish forces.
At one time, Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, also warned of a “second Afghanistan”. “It will be very expensive. If you look at the state of the Russian economy, this is obviously not the best idea for Russia. Russia runs the risk of getting bogged down in Syria, like in Afghanistan, ”said the former American leader.
In response, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin sees no reason for such statements.
“To get stuck - not to get stuck ... There is a specific task, concrete work is underway, and there are already concrete results. The line of [Russia] is consistent, clear and transparent, ”he said.
Statements similar to those of Trump and Obama have been made by other foreign politicians. In February 2016, then Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during his speech at a meeting of the parliamentary faction of the Justice and Development Party led by him warned Russia about the possible consequences of the operation in Syria. In this context, he recalled the history of the USSR, which was mired in the war in Afghanistan.

“No one should forget how the troops of the Soviet Union, which were powerful and very strong during the Cold War, entered Afghanistan and left it in a slave position. Those who entered Syria today will leave it in the same condition, ”Davutoglu expressed his opinion.
The Syrian rebels expected this outcome in September 2015. As Reuters reported with reference to the “rebel fighters” interviewed, they hoped that information about Russian intervention would help them get more military assistance from the Persian Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia.
The interlocutors of the agency noted that they used the unsuccessful Soviet campaign in Afghanistan as a model.
“According to our estimates, the war will last several years longer than it could without Russian intervention,” Abu-Yusuf Al-Muhajir, who fought against the forces of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in the Latakian region, told Reuters.
Another rebel suggested that Syria would become “the new Afghanistan” for Russia. “The troops will be sent here, and they will return in coffins,” he said.
At the same time, in May 2016, the then Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Evgeny Lukyanov, on the sidelines of the Seventh International Meeting of High Representatives in charge of security issues, said that
Syria will never become a “second Afghanistan” for Russia.

“Some predicted that this (the Russian military operation in Syria) would be a second Afghanistan or something else. This will never happen. These are precisely limited military plans, ”RIA Novosti quoted Lukyanov as saying.

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