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This is an excuse Lavrov criticized the US for plans for Syria

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The US uses the protection of the ATS oil fields from terrorists as an excuse to stay in Syria, while the US military is there illegally, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to him, even experts from the United States understand that any use of the natural resources of a sovereign state without his consent is illegal.

This is an excuse Lavrov criticized the US for plans for Syria

The United States, along with members of their coalition, are in Syria illegally, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He stressed that their actions in this country are contrary to international law. The head of the Russian diplomatic service expressed the opinion that

Washington uses the protection of SAR oil fields from militants of the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS, banned in Russia and several other countries) only as an excuse to stay in the Arab Republic.

Lavrov noted that the American side back in March at the level of the country's leadership said that the terrorists were “defeated, destroyed to the end,” but now the United States is returning to Syria even after announcing the withdrawal of all its armed forces from this country. Moreover, even those who were brought to Iraq will return to the SAR.

“In the United States themselves, a discussion has begun in the expert community on how to evaluate what is happening now. Experts express an opinion with which we absolutely agree. They cite the decisions of international courts in similar situations. These decisions consist of the fact that any exploitation of the natural resources of a sovereign state without its consent is illegal, ”the Russian Foreign Minister emphasized.

He noted that the Russian side shares this approach and Washington “knows perfectly well” about it. Lavrov assured that Moscow will defend this position.

The head of the department recalled that Russia, Iran and Turkey have a military presence in Syria with the approval of the country's authorities, in contrast to the illegal US activities on Syrian territory.

“The Sochi accords, both according to Idlib a year ago, and the October 22 accords on the Syrian border with the Republic of Turkey were approved by the government in Damascus, personally by the [Syrian] President [Bashar] Assad, and, in fact, by the Kurds. Therefore, we proceed from the fact that the activities we are talking about are aimed at achieving peace, at ensuring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. I do not recall similar assessments regarding those actions that the US is taking at the border, ”Lavrov drew attention.

In addition, he emphasized that the illegal presence of US forces in Syria is significantly different from the presence of military personnel from Russia, Iran and Turkey. The head of the Russian department noted Washington’s wording that in the SAR he intends to “protect” the oil fields of Syria. “It turns out that they are“ protecting ”from the Syrian Arab Republic itself,” the minister said.

On the eve of the US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper at a joint press conference with the head of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff (KNSh) of the US Armed Forces Mark Milli announced his intention to continue to fight with IS in Syria. Esper said that while many state and non-state players continue to struggle for control of territories and resources, Washington’s goal remains the same - to defeat terrorist groups. According to him, the last movement of American forces was just aimed at continuing this mission.

He specified that those US troops who remain in Syria will continue to carry out counter-terrorism operations in close contact with the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS).

In addition, the head of the Pentagon assured that the United States will continue to provide control over oil fields in northeast Syria.

The United States intends to maintain control over the Conoco company’s oil fields in the SAR in the province of Deir Ez-Zor and the At-Tanf base, which is located at the junction of the borders of Syria, Iraq and Jordan. She is controlled by the 55-kilometre zone around the city.

“The fundamental goal of protecting these oil fields is to prevent the IS [militants of the terrorist group] from accessing them and to prevent the revival of the IS. We are still committed to campaigning against IS. “We don’t want its revival and profit from it (oil production at these fields with the subsequent sale - Gazeta.Ru”), ”said Mark Milli.
Esper expressed the willingness of the American armed forces to resist, including the possible attempts of Russia and Syria to take control of these oil facilities. He explained this by Washington’s desire to ensure that the SDS coalition “has access to resources.” “To guard the prisons [with prisoners from among the militants], to arm our forces, to help us in the mission to defeat the IS,” he said.

Shortly before that, US President Donald Trump promised on his Twitter that his country's authorities would not allow terrorists of the Islamic State banned in Russia to return oil fields in northeast Syria to their control.

“The oil fields mentioned in my talk yesterday about Turkey and the Kurds were held by the IS until the United States conquered them with the help of the Kurds. We will never let the IG take possession of them! ”Trump wrote.

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