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Turkey and Russia's 'historic' agreement the Syrian border

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Turkey and Russia have agreed to an agreement to keep Kurdish forces off the Syrian border with Turkey. The two countries have declared the agreement a historic agreement.

Erdogan and Putin

The agreement comes amid Turkey's ongoing ceasefire to keep Kurdish forces off the border and establish a 'safe zone' in the region.
Under the agreement, Russian and Syrian forces will monitor the Kurdish forces to leave immediately.
There has been no reaction from the Kurds. Be aware that Turkey calls Kurdish fighters terrorists.
Under the agreement, Turkey and Russia have joint border monitoring next week.
The agreement was announced Tuesday after six-hour talks between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian host Vladimir Putin in Sochi, the Arabian Sea.
It should be noted that the ceasefire that the United States imposed on Turkey was going to end on Tuesday evening, and Turkey had threatened to resume its attacks against the Kurdish fighters.
But Turkey said it was no longer needed.

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The Turkish invasion began when the United States suddenly announced the withdrawal of its troops from Syria. US troops were supporting Kurdish fighters, who were allies of the United States in the war against the Islamic State.
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What was the consensus in Sochi?

In its attack, Turkey seized a 120km long strip between Ras al-Ain and the city of Tel Aviv in an attempt to make it a 'safe zone', in which it expelled Kurdish troops and sought resettlement of two million refugees there.
Under the agreement, Russia has agreed to allow the Turkish army to remain there and take full control of the area.
Kurdish fighters have been given 150 hours from Wednesday afternoon to withdraw 30 km from the border, leaving almost all of the river Euphrates to the Iraqi border, clearing east of Manbij.
Russian and Syrian troops will arrive immediately so they can monitor the evacuation.

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It does not include the Kurdish population of Kamshli and does not immediately provide details on what will happen there.
On October 29, when the 150-hour deadline is reached, Turkish and Russian troops will patrol there. This area is described as the 'East and West' of the Turkish invasion area.
The statement said that the Kurdish forces will also be "expelled" from the source and sanctions areas. Located 50km west of Tel-Raif, the two areas come out of the operation area.
Kurdish forces and leaders have not immediately reacted to whether they will accept it or not.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has expressed concern over external interference in Syria, but the Kremlin says he thanked President Putin and "expressed his full support for the results of the work with Russian troops on Syria and the Turkish border." Has agreed to deploy Syrian border guards with. "

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How did we get here?

During the past four years in northern Syria, the US-led coalition has relied on Kurdish-led forces in the war against the Islamic State, but it has the majority of Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG) fighters, called the Turkish terrorist organization. Says
Two weeks ago, President Trump announced that he was withdrawing his troops from Syria. Shortly afterwards, Turkey invaded the Kurds.
Russian troops near the border expressed concern that external sanctions are increasing in the Syrian area.
Last week, at the request of the US, Turkey agreed to stop the attack so that the "occupation of Turkey's occupied safe zone" could lead to the withdrawal of YPG forces.
Overall the ceasefire was executed despite US officials saying a small skirmish.

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How much did it cost?

The United Nations says that in the past two weeks, over a dozen people, including 80,000 children, have been forced to relocate from their homes in the northeast of Syria. There are 3 million people in this area.
According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SOHR) in the United Kingdom, in addition to 254 Kurdish fighters in the war, 196 Turkish-backed Syrian rebels and seven Turkish soldiers have killed 120 civilians.
Turkish authorities say 20 people have also been killed in the attack on the YPG in the Turkish region.

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