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US has no place in Syria: what CNN reproached Russia for

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The American television channel CNN has published material in the title of which the United States is called "the biggest losers" in the situation that unfolds in Syria. Journalists note that the agreement between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not imply American participation in resolving the military conflict in northern Syria.

US has no place in Syria: what CNN reproached Russia for

The United States lost the most in the situation with the Turkish operation in Syria, CNN said. This conclusion was made by American journalists after the six-hour talks held in Sochi between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
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The publication notes that Putin and Erdogan published a “memorandum of understanding”, consisting of 10 points, from which it allegedly follows that “Americans have no place in shaping the future of Syria.”
“Russia and Turkey announced a large-scale agreement that addresses the main Turkish problem - the presence of the Kurdish forces YPG (Self-Defense Forces) near their border. But it also recognizes the main fear of the Kurds - that Turkish-backed Syrian rebel groups may unleash an ethnic cleansing campaign against them and other minority groups, ”the article says.

The heads of the two states managed to agree that on October 23, Russia will introduce its military police units into Syria near the border with Turkey, but outside the zone of operation "Source of Peace", RIA Novosti reports. At the same time, units of the Syrian border service will be sent there.
CNN in its material claims that this agreement “added humiliation” to the United States. “It is Sergei Shoigu, the Minister of Defense of Russia, who in fact declared that it was time for the Americans to leave Syria,” the publication said.
Russia and Syria, according to the agreements, will facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish groups, which are considered terrorist in Turkey, 30 km from the border. The process should complete in 150 hours. After that, the Russian and Turkish military will conduct joint patrols to a depth of 10 km from the border to the west and east of the operation area "Source of Peace".
According to Erdogan, the Turkish authorities will monitor the withdrawal of Kurdish forces. “The RPGs should get away from the 30-kilometre zone south. We discussed with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin whether it would turn out that members of terrorist organizations, having changed their name and dressed in the form of the [Syrian] regime, would remain in this territory? He said: "This is not permissible." We will follow, ”he said, returning from Sochi.
At the same time, the heads of state reaffirmed their commitment to the unity and territorial integrity of the Arab Republic, as well as to ensuring Turkey’s national security.
According to CNN, it was also unclear "whether the agreement extends to the entire length of the Turkish-Syrian border, or only to areas where Syrian Kurds exercised control." The media also notes that the territory previously occupied by Turkey will remain under Turkish control.
On Wednesday, October 23, the Ministry of Defense of Russia published a map of the implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement on Syria. According to a document published on the agency’s website, the Syrian border service will deploy 15 posts on the border with Turkey.
Meanwhile, Germany intends to discuss with its European partners the agreement concluded by Putin and Erdogan, RIA Novosti reports.
“We are analyzing the details of the agreement. Many questions in it remain open. Together with our European partners, we will discuss these important issues with Russia and Turkey, ”said Steffen Seibert, an official representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers.
According to him, the solution to the Syrian crisis "is not limited to Russia and Turkey." Europe, as the politician said, should work on the events developing in the north of Syria, as it is geographically close.
Speaking about the assessment of the agreement as a whole, Seibert stated that "any agreements that lead to an extension of the ceasefire or de-escalation of the conflict are welcome."
A few days earlier, an agreement was also concluded between Turkey and the United States. On October 17, the authorities in these countries said they had agreed to suspend Turkey’s "source of peace" military operation. This suspension was to last 120 hours. In addition, the parties agreed on the withdrawal of Kurdish formations from the 30-km buffer zone. According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, it was this agreement that significantly reduced violence in the region.
On October 9, Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the start of a Turkish operation called the Source of Peace. According to him, it will create a so-called security zone in northern Syria. The head of Turkey is sure of it, it would be possible to accommodate all the Syrian refugees who are on Turkish territory. In addition, this operation will provide security for Turkey itself.
A number of European countries, as well as the United States, opposed these actions. However, to the reproaches of the European Union, Erdogan responded with a threat. He warned the EU that he could open the borders for Syrian refugees so that they could freely enter Europe.

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