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US Sanction : Turkey is considering tightening sanctions:

WASHINGTON - The United States has said it is considering imposing tougher sanctions on Turkish military action in northern Syria.US Sanction: Turkey is considering tightening sanctions

US Sanction : Turkey is considering tightening sanctions:

US Secretary of State Steven Mannush says President Donald Trump is about to sign an executive order to prevent Turkey from further adventures in Syria.

According to Manooshan, President Trump is concerned that the Turkish military could potentially target civilian populations, ethnic or religious minorities.
Steven Manushan said President Trump wants to make it clear that Turkey should not allow any ISIS fighter to escape.
According to Manoosh, the finance ministry is examining the situation with the Foreign and Defense Department. After which the President will be advised at what stage it will be necessary to impose sanctions.
"We warn financial institutions that they should be careful sanctions may be imposed at any time," he said.
The Voice of America questions why the US is confident that Turkey will backtrack on this announcement. On this, Steven Manoshan said, "We are confident that the Turkish government will take responsibility after US reservations."
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These can be very strict sanctions, Manushan added. But we expect it will not be needed. But if we want, we can tame Turkey's economy.

Turkish Air Force bombed northern Syria on Friday in the Ras al Ain area.
Turkish Air Force bombed northern Syria on Friday in the Ras al Ain area.
Meanwhile, Kurdish fighters have said that ISIS has a chance to raise its head after Turkey's adventures. Following the Turkish offensive, the Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed a car bombing in the area under the influence of Kurdish fighters.
Kurds say five ISIS fighters have escaped from the area.
Opposition criticizes Trump administration
The Trump administration is being criticized by Democratic members of Congress for giving Turkey a green signal for action in northern Syria. It is also being raised that the United States has left its ally Kurdish fighters in Syria alone.
US Secretary of State Mark Asper denies the impression, saying, "We did not give Turkey a green signal, but in clear words, we make it clear to Turkey that the US does not support Turkey's measures."
The United States has also made it clear to Turkey that US installations in Syria should not be harmed during its military operation. Turkish military officials say their operation continues in a systematic manner and in the pursuit of specific goals.

US Defense Secretary Mark Asper says the US has not given Turkey a green signal.
US Defense Secretary Mark Asper says the US has not given Turkey a green signal.

Turkey's military operation continues
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an has made clear that despite US concerns, Turkey will not stop the action no matter what anyone says.
According to Reuters news agency, the War Monitor has so far confirmed the death of a hundred people in the operation. The UN says one million people have emigrated from northern Syria since the war.
Turkish authorities claim that 399 YPG militants have been killed in Friday's operation. The centre of Turkish military action is in the region of Ras al-Ain in northern Syria. On Friday, Turkish Air Force bombed the area and targeted the targets of the YPG militia. It is also reported that Turkey has occupied nine villages in the area.
It is thought that this area of ​​northern Syria is controlled by the YPJ and the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF). Earlier this area was controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS). The YPG and SDF, along with the US military, cleared ISIS from these areas. Thousands of Islamic militants are imprisoned in prisons in the region. While the families of these ISIS fighters have been kept in different camps. The United States also fears that ISIS may escape from prison during Turkey's offensive.

Turkey considers YPG militia a threat to northern Syria
Turkey considers YPG militia a threat to northern Syria
Why is Turkey taking this action?
It is thought that Turkey launched a military operation in northern Syria a few days ago. Turkey wants to create a safe zone here by conducting military action against YPG militia in northern Syria. The Turkish YPJ militia is seen as a threat to its security, which it says supports the Kurdistan movement in Turkey.
Turkey also wants to establish a safe zone in northern Syria. Turkey wants to settle the millions of Syrian refugees who have arrived in Syria after the last eight years of war in Syria.
Turkey began military operations after President Trump ordered the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria. However, President Trump made it clear that if Turkey tried to cross over, its economy would be destroyed.

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