"America must continue to pressure ISIS to defeat"

Former General of the Central Command of the Central Command Joseph Votel says he is worried about the terrorist organization ISIS being strengthened and united, whether in Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan.

"America must continue to pressure ISIS to defeat"

In an interview with the Voice of America, Retired General Votel said dealing with the threat of ISIS in South Asia is very important. "There is no one thing to end these terrorist groups, so we must continue to put pressure on our allies, whether they are in Syria and Iraq or Afghanistan."

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The former US Army commander, who also served in Afghanistan, said that ISIS is a threat because they take advantage of rural areas where communities are not law-abiding. Therefore, the international community should focus on this.

Addressing a meeting of representatives of the "World Alliance to Defeat ISIS", the US State Department yesterday called on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to emphasize that the threat to ISIS is present. For which everyone has to work together.

In response to a question, he said that it is in the interest of the Afghan leadership and the people to solve the Afghan problem. "As the matter of presidential elections approaches, all parties - the international community, the Taliban and the Afghan government - should focus on dialogue." I think this will be a good opportunity for talks. I am hopeful because it is in the best interest of all. "

General Votel retired from office in March this year, and as head of the Central Command, he oversaw military operations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Regarding Russia's growing influence in the Middle East and the diminished interest in the United States, General Votel says that it is in the US's interest to continue and be present in the affairs of the region. According to him, it is also important that terrorists do not invade US interests. "I see that we are leaving the Kurds and creating an atmosphere of instability in areas that were previously stable. This is a concern for me. "

Questions have been raised about US policy in Syria and the Middle East following President Trump's announcement last month to withdraw US forces from Syria.

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