Android 10 for Samsung flagships may linger

But perhaps only in some countries

Samsung in 2019 radically changed its strategy in the smartphone market. The emphasis was placed on mid-budget models, which have become much more attractive in terms of price-performance ratios.

Samsung also began to actively transfer its smartphones to more recent versions of the OS. In particular, beta testing of Android 10 for flagships started earlier than the corresponding testing of Android Pei last year.
Android 10 for Samsung flagships may linger
But stable versions may come out later. The source found information according to which stable versions of Android 10 for Galaxy S10, Note10 and Note9 will be released only in January, for Galaxy S9 - in April. At the same time, rumours appeared on the Web that Samsung would update its current flagships before the end of the year.

But it’s worth noting that the source’s information concerns the Israeli market, so it’s impossible to unequivocally say that the situation will be similar in others.

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