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Budget Chinese smartphone Doogee N20 Review

I want to start my story with a review of the budget Chinese smartphone Doogee N20. Who needs a smartphone with a large screen and a long-lasting battery for surfing the Internet and freezing in social networks, read about the new Doogee and see the results of tests


  • Processor: MTK, MT6763, 4xCortex-A53, 2.0 GHz and 4xCortex-A53, 1.5 GHz
  • Display: 6.3 "IPS, 19: 9, FHD
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Built-in memory: 64 GB
  • Front camera: 16 MP f / 2.0 wide-angle
  • Main camera: Wide-angle 16 MP + 8 MP + 8 MP f / 2.0, LED flash
  • Radio module:
  • 2G: GSM 2/3/5/8
  • 3G: WCDMA 1/8
  • 4G: FDD-LTE 1/3/7/8/20
  • SIM cards: two Nano sim
  • Battery: 4350 mAh
  • OS: Android 9.0
  • External storage: Micro SD card (T-Flash card) up to 128 GB

Packaging and delivery:

In front of me is a strong black box with a soft-touch coating. The box is small in size, which is quite consistent with the dimensions of the smartphone and the package supplied with it. There is at least info on the box, a company logo and a sticker with some of that information.

smartphone Doogee N20

Doogee N20

A smartphone and a paperclip are placed inside the box on a cardboard substrate, under them are a network adapter, a USB-micro-USB charging cable, a warranty and a user manual. Kit, to say the least, so-so. Of course, I would supplement it with a protective film and a cover. But, as you understand, then the price would be somewhat higher.

 Doogee N20

Doogee N20


The smartphone is quite lightweight, compact and has a modern elongated body. Thanks to such a narrow and rather a thin body, a streamlined back cover, rounded corners and edges, it fits perfectly into the female hand, and it is convenient for them to operate with one hand. 

The first thing you should pay attention to is the large screen of 6 inches. The working area of ​​which, however, is much smaller than the screen glass itself. The frame on the top and sides is approximately 2 mm, and from the bottom edge - all 5. This is somewhat upset, but there are no complaints about the quality of the screen. The smartphone has a drop-shaped on-screen cutout, which undoubtedly increases the useful area of ​​the screen.

N20 Review

Doogee N20

On the front side on the upper panel, there is a speaker, a dual front camera, proximity sensors and lighting.

Doogee N20

Doogee N20

Doogee N20

The smartphone is touch-sensitive, so the bottom panel is not functionally activated.

Doogee N20

On the back, the smartphone is protected by a plastic cover that has a matte finish. The case is pleasant to the touch, does not slip in the hand, but it is quite easily soiled. The battery in this smartphone is non-removable.

Doogee N20

A round fingerprint scanner is located above the centre of the back cover, it is recessed into the case, it is well felt and not easily soiled. Below is the company logo. The triple camera module is located a little to the left, it protrudes about a millimetre from the body and is located vertically. Under the camera is a flash. I like the fact that the scanner is removed from the camera eyes, so they remain clean if you use the scanner, for example, to unlock it. 

Doogee N20

The right side is equipped with 2 buttons: a volume swing and a power button. The buttons are slightly visible to the eye, but palpable well, pressed tightly, with a dull click.

Doogee N20

The manufacturer-assigned the left end to the tray for two SIM cards and with the possibility of combining: 2 Nano-SIM or 1 Nano-SIM + microSD, with the installation of which you can access the storage up to 128 GB. 

Doogee N20

The upper end has a jack for connecting a headset and antenna.

Doogee N20

The lower one is equipped with an external speaker and microphone, in the centre, there is a micro-USB connector for charging, which is not good for a modern smartphone.

Doogee N20

In general, the appearance of the smartphone looks good, suitable for both male and female representatives, adolescents, because It has convenient dimensions, slim body, lightweight and classic design.

The smartphone is well assembled, despite the fact that the cover is plastic, it fits snugly on the case, voids do not clatter, there is no backlash. The buttons respond clearly, without delay.

Functional features and smartphone operation:

The smartphone runs on stock Android 9. At the first start, the smartphone quickly started. Quickly, without delay, without additional paid content. The firmware is pretty fresh, September. Of the installed applications, there is DuraSpeed. A program that controls which application is used at a given moment, and directs all the resources of the smartphone to its execution. At the same time, background applications run a little slower.

For the performance of the smartphone meets the budget MediaTek Helio P23. In practice, the smartphone is gaining 105 259 points in the AnTuTu test. This is a good result for a smartphone for 90 cu

Performance is enough to solve almost all of the tasks that a buyer expects, buying a cheap smartphone, and even those that he does not count on. I’m talking about the fact that unexpectedly good games go on it. This smartphone may not boast of a gaming specification, but Tanks and Pubg work fine on medium tinctures.

Budget Chinese smartphone Doogee N20

The first, of course, that I appreciated in this smartphone, but I will describe only now is the screen. This smartphone is far from frameless, but the working screen is large, colour reproduction is good, colours are natural, brightness is presented in a wide range. Having set the minimum brightness level in the settings, your eyes will not strain in the dark, and you will feel comfortable reading, it will also work comfortably in bright sunlight. The screen is sensitive, responds to all touches on the first try and is able to perceive up to 5 simultaneous touches. 

Viewing angles are also good.

Budget Chinese smartphone Doogee N20

Budget Chinese smartphone Doogee N20

The smartphone is controlled by 3 on-screen buttons, the location of which can be changed in the settings of the “Navigator Bar” menu.

Budget Chinese smartphone Doogee N20

Of the interesting technical features of the smartphone up to 100 ye could be distinguished: sufficient memory, a large elongated screen with a minimum cutout, a triple rear camera and a capacious battery, simultaneous operation of 4G VoLTE in both SIM cards, the presence of an audio connector, finally. From what directly disappointed, the presence of a non-USB Type-C connector for charging and the absence of an event indicator.

Fingerprint scanner in a cheap smartphone will not surprise anyone. For better unlocking, I scanned my fingers 2 times. The scanner works to unlock well. Thus, without worrying about failures, you can configure the scanner to answer a call or instant photo.

The manufacturer has equipped the N20 with sufficient memory, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal. If necessary, you can expand the built-in up to 128 GB, provided that you use only one SIM card. But, in my opinion, smartphone support for 4G networks, inexpensive unlimited tariffs and cloud storage will solve the problem of information storage. It is worth saying that the N20 catches 4G VoLTE in both SIM cards at the same time.

Budget Chinese smartphone Doogee N20

There are no questions with wifi connection either, the connection is hassle-free. This smartphone is equipped with a dual-band wifi module: 2.4G / 5G. The quality of the module was checked by a traditional test. Measurements were taken at different distances from the signal source.

In the immediate vicinity of the signal source.
At a distance of 4-5 meters from the signal source, behind the gas silicate wall.
At a distance of 10-12 meters from the signal source, behind a thick, brick wall

GPS works well. Satellites detect quickly and determine the location correctly. In addition to traditional GPS, the smartphone supports GLONASS.

The presence of a mini-jack connector in a budget smartphone will please fans of a wired headset. The sound in the headphones is good, but the sound of the external speaker is no worse. The smartphone is quite loud, the volume is presented in a good range. At maximum, the speaker does not rattle, does not choke. Since we are talking about sound, it's worth checking the microphone. Testing it using voice search. I speak in a smartphone at arm's length almost in a whisper, and the microphone recognizes the voice, starting the search. With a speakerphone or talking on Skype, the sound is good and suits both interlocutors. 

For surfing the Internet and games, the presence of a capacious battery in a smartphone is mandatory. In this smartphone, the manufacturer installed a 4350 mAh battery. This charge, as the manufacturer promises, should be enough for 30 hours of calls or 10-12 hours of constant use. I can say with confidence that in standby mode from a full battery, the smartphone has worked for 4 days, and the battery level shows a little less than 50%. 

Buying even the cheapest smartphone with a simple specification, you will want to check the operation of its camera. The budget N20, the manufacturer boasts, has endowed with a triple main camera, 16MP + 8MP + 8MP, which has a wide viewing angle and is endowed with autofocus. See sample photos taken on a cloudy fall day outdoors. Some photos are made using the maximum zoom.

In the camera settings, you will find the built-in bokeh mode. Here are examples of such photos

Doogee N20

Doogee N20 camera image

Doogee N20 camera image

As for the front camera, it has a 16MP sensor. However, do not forget that not only the sensor matters but also the correct operation of the software. Here, the quality of the photo with a focus on the far angle leaves much to be desired. What can not be said about the photo near? I will not quibble, because basically, we use the front camera for video conversations. and this smartphone transmits a good image to the interlocutor. 

Example photo was taken on the front camera.

Doogee N20 front camera.


To summarize. In general, the N20, as a budget device, is quite a good option. The hardware is adequate, the Helio P23 is not ideal, but the ability to launch the latest games at medium settings will surprise you and please the result. Many people will say junk, but installing this processor in cheap smartphones is justified and will not especially increase the price of the device. I do not presume to give any recommendations for the purchase, but the buyer should understand that he is purchasing a smartphone for surfing the Internet.

The classic design, a comfortable arrangement in the hand, a large bright screen, a capacious tenacious battery, sufficient memory, fast Internet, simultaneous 4G operation in both SIM cards, plus good wifi connectivity make the smartphone even more interesting among the offers on the market who are over 90. 

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