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Distressed Xiaomi Mi Watch showed their capabilities

The watch went on sale this week

An interesting video was published on the TechPP YouTube channel, in which we are shown the process of unpacking the Xiaomi Mi Watch, as well as further setting up, synchronizing the clock with a smartphone, selecting dials, as well as the possibility of a new wearable gadget.

Why “problematic”? Because Xiaomi Design Director Ren Yi himself acknowledged that the Xiaomi Mi Watch has certain problems, including the large size and weight, platform-limited performance, not very high-quality sound, and so on.

Distressed Xiaomi Mi Watch showed their capabilities

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The watch operates under the control of the MIUI for Watch operating system, which is an adapted version of the MIUI shell for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. Out of the box, Xiaomi Mi Watch received a wide range of diverse applications that are rarely found on smartwatches. There is a music player for listening to music without using a smartphone. You can make voice calls without a smartphone (eSIM), there is a video player, a smart assistant.

The diagonal of the screen is 1.78 inches, the heart of the watch is Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100. The watch is available in several colours, in addition, the straps are very simple and quickly change to new ones. The Xiaomi Mi Watch case is made of stainless steel, not plastic. This wearable gadget can be used to control all smart home devices.

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