First review of the best Apple MacBook Pro

Apple abandoned the butterfly mechanism, which was highly criticized, but in fact, it did not create something fundamentally new

Today, the announcement of the new 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro notebook, which should completely replace the 15-inch model in the market, was therefore offered at the same starting price.

Recall that in the US the price for the basic version starts at $ 2,399, while in Russia the price will be much higher (from 199,990 for the basic model).

Marques Brownlee, who has almost 10 million followers on YouTube, has published the first review of the new Macbook Pro with a 16-inch screen.

He confirmed that the new product was a bit heavier but thinner than its predecessor. The main difference that immediately catches your eye is the screen with a resolution of 3072 x 1920 pixels. Its brightness is kept unchanged at 500 cd / m 2.

The 16-inch received a 100 W • h battery, which allows the laptop to work up to 11 hours without recharging, while devices with such batteries in the United States can be transported by plane. The power of the charger is 96 watts.

When creating the keyboard, Apple refused the “butterfly” mechanism, which was strongly criticized, but in fact, it did not create something fundamentally new but improved the “scissors” mechanism, which has been used in its laptops since 2015.

Special attention was given to the sound system of the new Apple MacBook Pro, which includes six speakers. The browser has confirmed that the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro has the best-in-class sound system on the market.

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