Ford scared of battle with Tesla Cybertruck

There seems to be no competition

Just yesterday we reported that we are waiting for the battle between Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150, today it became clear that this is probably not going to happen.
Ford scared of battle with Tesla Cybertruck
Recall, Ford's vice president invited Ilon Mask to send them his pickup truck for testing, and Musk agreed. However, now the representative of Ford, whose name and position the source does not disclose, said that the very message of the vice president of the company was not an offer, but only an indication of the absurdity of the original video, where the Tesla pickup truck was taken by a Ford pickup, and no more. As we already noted, the test was really unfair, since the F-150 driver pressed the gas much later than the Cybertruck driver.

With America's best-selling American pickup truck for 42 years, we are always committed to serving our customers, no matter what others say or do.

Of course, it is not a fact that the competition will still not take place, but so far it seems that Ford is not striving for such a demonstration.  

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