In Russia, they will soon begin to block too cheap smartphones

In Russia, they will soon begin to block too cheap smartphones

Operators are already testing smartphone identification via IMEI

In Russia, active preparations have begun for the launch of a smartphone identification system using IMEI subscriber device numbers. This was reported by the TASS news agency.

In Russia, they will soon begin to block too cheap smartphones

Talk about the possible implementation of such a system has been going on for a long time, and now the process has reached the final stage. Rossvyaz, together with the Beeline, Megafon and Tele2 operators, began pilot testing. 

As conceived by the creators of the initiative, the launch of an IMEI phone and tablet control system will limit the sale of grey devices illegally imported into the country, as well as block the air for fraudsters using stolen phones. For this, a central database with white IMEIs will be created. Officially imported smartphones will automatically get into the database, it will also be possible to independently register a device purchased abroad.

If IMEI is not registered in the database or matches the number of another gadget, then the operator will block access to the network for such a smartphone. Also stolen and lost phones will be blocked. Manages the central IMEI database subordinate to Rossvyaz TsNIIS (Central Research Institute of Communications). 

A phased pilot project is currently being carried out on the basis of the Central Research Institute for Scientific Research, including testing with telecom operators. Tele2 explained that we are talking about testing a technology that automatically eliminates IMEIs that are denied access to the network and registers those that are in the “white lists”. The operator registry is synchronized with the central IMEI database every two hours. Operators have not yet shared the test results. 

The bill required for the implementation of the system has not yet been submitted to the State Duma. Rossiya intends to fully complete the pilot project before the law enters into force. However, the authors of the bill note that no one has forgotten about the bill and now the financial and economic justification for it is being finalized

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