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itel A46 Review: Budget but powerful smartphone

Currently, a huge number of smartphones are presented on the shelves of Russian stores, as they say - for every taste and colour. There are also very simple devices for sale, unsuitable for some serious tasks, and there is a top segment available to only a few. And what if you choose a smartphone not only for calls, but for entertainment, and the budget is very limited? Of course, you can browse ads and search for a used device, or you can look in the direction of new devices from any B-brand. One of these devices will be discussed today. Meet - itel A46 smartphone, which at a cost of about 5500 rubles can offer a stylish look, a large screen, an eight-core processor, a fingerprint scanner, face unlock and much more. Not bad, is it? Let's look further at how this model behaves in everyday use and whether it is worth paying attention to it at all.

itel A46 Review

Brief Specifications
Modelitel A46
Body materialplastic
ScreenIPS, 5.45 ", 1440x720, format 18: 9
mobile connection3G / 4G, 2 SIM
CPUQualcomm Spreadtrum SC9863A, 4x1.6 GHz + 4x1.2 GHz
Memory2 GB + 16 GB, memory card slot up to 128 GB
operating systemAndroid 9.0
Camerathe main 8 + 0.08 MP, front 5 MP
Battery2400 mAh
Additionallyface unlock, fingerprint scanner, OTG support
Dimensions149.1x71x8.6 mm, 151.9 g.

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Packaging and delivery

Itel A46 is delivered in a small cardboard box of red colour, which shows the smartphone itself, as well as its specification and main advantages. In addition to the device itself, inside the box, the buyer will find a battery, a USB cable, a network charger with 5V 1A output parameters, a wired stereo headset, a silicone case and a set of documentation. In addition, the protective film for the screen, which is glued already at the production stage, is included in the package of delivery. Have you ever seen such a chic package bundle with a budget device? Personally, I do not.

itel A46

Appearance and screen

The itel A46 smartphone is a candy bar with dimensions of 149.1x71x8.6 mm and a weight of just over 150 grams. The case of this model is entirely made of plastic, you can’t count on glass or metal in this price segment. However, the smartphone has something to surprise. Despite the budget segment, the manufacturer got confused with the colours of the back cover; on sale, you will find the following colours: Nebula Blue, Dark Water, Gradation Red and Gradation Diamond Gray. The second option came to my review, which looks live very, very good.

itel A46 Review

But there is a drawback in the back cover, it has a glossy finish and easily collects various dirt and small scratches. However, the problem is easily solved with a complete silicone case.

itel A46 Review

The smartphone is equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 5.5 "and a resolution of 1440x720 pixels (18: 9 format). The matrix is ​​made using IPS technology, making it a pleasure to view photos, movies or play games on the screen. The screen has brightness, contrast and excellent for the budget segment colour reproduction, the picture on it looks saturated, when you turn or tilt the smartphone, the colours on the screen are not distorted.

itel A46 Review

I add that the screen sensor supports up to two simultaneous touches, which in most cases is more than enough. There is also adaptive brightness control for the backlight.

Above the screen are the earpiece, front camera with flash, as well as light and proximity sensors. At the bottom of the screen are touch buttons that are hidden when starting a video on a full screen or games. You can call them with a swipe from the bottom up.

The physical volume and power buttons are concentrated on the right side of the chassis. Above is a headphone jack, below a micro USB connector and a microphone.

itel A46 Review

On the back of the case are a block of cameras with a flash, a fingerprint scanner, and a multimedia speaker. Under the removable back cover is also a removable battery, a pair of slots for SIM cards in microSIM format and a slot for a memory card. It is also worth adding that you do not need to remove the battery to replace SIM cards or a memory card, it does not overlap the slots.

itel A46 Review

In general, the itel A46 smartphone makes a good impression, it is perfectly assembled, the case does not creak in the hands, the back cover does not bend when pressed, and the buttons do not chat. By the way, what is important is the convenient location of these buttons, as well as the fingerprint scanner, after a couple of hours of use, I accurately found the last with my index finger. The only thing that can be frustrating in appearance is the glossy and very easily soiled back cover, however, if there is a silicone case in the kit, this problem loses its relevance.
Itel A46 is running a clean version of Android 9.0. And already at the first inclusion of the smartphone, an update came to it, which cannot but rejoice.
There is a minimal amount of software “garbage” in the firmware, there are only a couple of clients of social networks, and even then they are deleted without any problems.
itel A46 Review

By default, the shortcuts of all applications are placed on several desktops, but there is an opportunity to place them on the Menu, here it is already to whom and how it will be more familiar.

itel A46 Review

There is a utility in the firmware that allows you to optimize the smartphone, clean the application cache, and also block or freeze them. In addition, it is possible to use the power-saving mode and thereby increase the battery life of the smartphone.

Of the additional features, it is also worth noting the possibility of turning on the high-definition image in bright light, as well as a blue filter to reduce eye fatigue.

The interface works smoothly, not only on the newly unpacked smartphone but also after installing a couple of clients of social networks, instant messengers and several more applications, the main thing is not to keep all of them in the background.


As I said earlier, itel A46 is equipped with two slots for SIM cards in microSIM format, the smartphone has standard settings. It is pleasant to note that both slots support work in fourth-generation networks (4G), while the speed of the Internet connection obtained during testing cannot but rejoice. As for telephone conversations, here this model is beyond praise, the interlocutors are heard loudly and clearly, there is no echo, no wheezing, or any other problems that interfere with the conversation. Similarly, when talking to me, the interlocutors did not complain about poor hearing or anything else.

Separately, it is worth noting a fairly strong vibration, which is accompanied by an incoming call. Thanks to what you definitely don’t miss a call, even there is a smartphone in your jacket’s inner pocket or backpack.

Also onboard are standard Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz modules for all smartphones. During the testing, neither with the first nor with the second no problems were identified.

The GPS / A-GPS and Glonass modules are responsible for navigation. Even in urban areas, the itel A46 finds the number of satellites necessary for navigation to work in a minute. According to the recorded track, the smartphone does not lose satellites when using navigation.

CPU and memory

And now one of the main features of the device is its hardware component. Many of you probably thought, well, what can a smartphone offer us for 5500 rubles? Some kind of Mediatek MT6580 or something like that. But no, itel A46 is equipped with an eight-core Qualcomm Spreadtrum SC9863A chip, created by the 28 nm process. The cores of this chip are divided into two clusters. Four cores operate at a frequency of up to 1.2 GHz and are used when the smartphone does not require high performance, another four cores operating at a frequency of up to 1.6 GHz are involved in complex tasks. PowerVR GE8322 chip is responsible for the processing of graphic data. And what do we get in synthetic tests?

itel A46 Review

How do you like this turn of events? According to the results of the popular Antutu test, the itel A46 smartphone is located exactly between the Samsung Galaxy A30 (about 98700 points) and Xiaomi Redmi 7 (about 103600 points), which cost two and a half times more expensive. And if there is no difference, why pay more?

This smartphone performance is more than enough to enjoy most modern games, even at medium graphics settings.

RAM onboard 2 GB, in principle, this is enough for comfortable work with a smartphone, provided that you do not keep a large number of applications in the background. The permanent memory on board is 16 GB, there is support for microSD memory cards up to 128 GB, as well as OTG accessories.

To summarize this section, we can safely say that the performance of the itel A46 is clearly higher than its cost.


The itel A46 smartphone is equipped with the main camera, which has modules for 8 and 0.08 megapixels, as well as a front camera for 5 megapixels. Both cameras are supplemented with flashes, but autofocus is available only in the main one. The smartphone has a lot of settings, during shooting you can use the intelligent mode that defines the scene (text, animals, flowers, buildings, and so on), use the PRO or HDR modes, and also apply effects to the frame.

Examples of shots in a good light.

itel A46 Review
itel A46 Review

Shooting in the evening.

itel A46 Review

Panoramic shooting.

itel A46 Review

Quite by chance, it became clear the possibility of digital zoom when shooting. On the left is a regular shot, on the right is a shot from the same angle when using 4x zoom.

itel A46 Review

The main camera records video in FullHD resolution (1920x1080) at 30 fps.

Although the itel A46 smartphone does not pretend to be a camera phone, but still in good light it is capable of making very good shots that are not ashamed to show to friends or post to social networks. I do not see any obvious problems in the photographs taken during the daytime. Yes, of course, they do not have enough brightness and saturation, but, I repeat, that we have no camera phone, and to demand from him shooting at the level of devices is two to three times more expensive at least silly.

The itel A46 smartphone is equipped with a standard set of sensors for the budget segment, which includes an accelerometer, as well as light and proximity sensors. During the testing of the device, there were no problems with any of the sensors, during conversations the screen is timely blocked, and the brightness of its backlight is correctly adjusted depending on the ambient light.

itel A46 Review

And then itel A46 again surprises. It would seem that the budget segment and one do not have to expect any modern buns here, but this is not about this model. The manufacturer provided for itel A46 not only a fingerprint scanner, but also an unlock on the face. By the way, thanks to the first one, you can not only unlock your smartphone but also answer calls or turn off the alarm.

It is worth noting that the unlock function works well in the face, the smartphone recognizes the owner accurately and clears the lock quite quickly. What can not be said about the fingerprint scanner, sometimes it misses

As I said earlier, the itel A46 smartphone is equipped with a removable 2400 mAh Li-ion battery. It seems that the indicator is very small, but this is quite enough for one or two days of battery life with moderate use.

The itel A46 smartphone is a fairly balanced device that, with a very affordable price tag, can offer a ton of interesting things. Here we have a good bundle, a stylish appearance, as well as a hardware component, which puts this model on a par with more expensive devices. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with a pretty good camera.

If you weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of itel A46, then you can safely recommend it for purchase, as a worthy replacement for branded devices, if you have a limited budget, but want a powerful and at the same time inexpensive device. Yes, in this case, you will get lower quality pictures and relatively small battery capacity, but you must agree that for 5500 rubles it’s impossible to get absolutely everything, you have to sacrifice something.

pricesoiled back cover
excellent equipmentrelatively low battery capacity
stylish appearancethe fingerprint scanner does not always unlock the smartphone the first time
good performance for the budget segment
stock Android
4G on both SIM cards
good face unlock function
quite suitable for the budget segment camera

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