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New bases: how the US seizes oil in Syria

The US military is building two new bases in the oil region of Syria, Turkish media reported. Earlier, President Donald Trump said that the US military will provide security in the oil fields in the east of the country. The Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Syria, in turn, said that the Syrian deposits should be controlled by the country's authorities.

New bases: how the US seizes oil in Syria

Two new military bases are being built by US forces in the province of Deir Ez-Zor in northeastern Syria. It is reported by the Turkish agency Anadolu.
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In the area of ​​Sur, which lies next to a rich oil-bearing area, a large number of construction equipment, about 300 US troops, armoured personnel carriers, heavy machine guns and cannons, as well as ammunition for them, were noticed.

US President Donald Trump said earlier that the U.S. military will provide security at Syrian oil fields. The Special Representative of the President of Russia for Syria, Alexander Lavrentyev, in turn, said that

oil in northeast Syria should be controlled by the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

It is worth noting that after the withdrawal of their troops from the north of Syria, the Americans began to increase their military presence in the province of Deir Ez-Zor. Recently, a large convoy was transferred there - up to 170 cars. US bases and strongholds are located in several areas of this province.

On November 4,  Democratic presidential candidate, congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard accused Trump of seizing Syria’s oil fields. She emphasized that, first of all, American soldiers should ensure national security and protect their citizens, and Trump “changed course.”

In addition, Gabbard recalled that earlier Trump had intended to return the servicemen to his home, in fact, he left them in Syria not to fight terrorists, but to protect the oil rigs. The politician added that fraud with oil "dishonour" the US military.

“These are energy resources that belong to the Syrian people,” said Congresswoman. According to her, “such a seizure deprives the Syrians of the main resource that they need not only for survival but also for the establishment of their lives.”

At the same time, the monthly US profit from Syrian oil production is about $ 30 million.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov two days before said that the Americans transported oil for processing outside Syria. He also noted that revenues from this oil allow the United States to support its loyal armed forces.
On October 14, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told Fox News in an interview that US forces in Syria were trapped. According to him, the United States was in a difficult situation due to the fact that Washington is simultaneously an ally of both the Kurds and Turkey, which conducted a military operation against the former.

“American troops were trapped between the Syrian army moving north to repulse the Turkish army, which is moving south,” the Pentagon chief explained. According to Esper, Washington “did not sign up” to fight Turkey, protecting the Kurds. He also emphasized that US forces in the region are clearly not enough to stop the Turkish advance.

Prior to this, US President Donald Trump announced that he "basically" pulled the US military out of Syria. Subsequently, it became known that they want to transfer them to Iraq.

“The troops were withdrawn - mainly - after a one-hundred-per cent victory over the Islamic State (the organization is banned in Russia). If someone wants to take up the protection of the Kurds, it’s good for their health, whether it be Russia, China, or even Napoleon Bonaparte himself, ”the American leader tweeted.

In 2014, without the consent of Damascus and UN approval, military intervention in Syria by the United States and its allies - Germany, Britain and France - began. American troops in the region carry out their operation against the Islamic State and support the "moderate" opposition, including the Syrian Kurds, demanding a change of power in Syria.

In early spring of last year, Fox News, citing sources in the US Department of Defense, reported that the United States sent an additional military contingent to the outpost of Et-Tanf in southeastern Syria - about 100-foot soldiers. As noted, the strengthening of the US military position in the region was associated with the statements of Russia on the preparation of an airstrike on militants in the region.

“The US is not looking for a confrontation with Russia, the Syrian government, or any other group that can support Syria in the civil war,” Bill Urban, spokesman for the US Central Command, quoted Fox as saying.

American troops in Syria noted a number of controversial actions, the Russian  Ministry of Defense and Damascus accused the United States of indulging terrorists banned in the Russian Federation and several other countries by the IG group and preparing militants to fight the legitimate government of the country. In addition, the US military aircraft in February 2018 killed dozens of Russians - according to unofficial data, employees of the so-called private military company Wagner. The Russian Foreign Ministry subsequently acknowledged the deaths and injuries of Russians who "were in Syria unofficially and as private individuals."

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