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New date: when will the withdrawal of troops at Petrovsky

The Armed Forces of Ukraine announced a new launch date for the separation of forces from Petrovsky in the Donbas. This process should begin on November 8, provided that a full ceasefire is recorded within a week. Earlier in Kyiv, it was said that in the Petrovsky side the forces would be divorced on November 4. However, this did not happen, despite the fact that the militia sent flares indicating their readiness to begin the withdrawal.

New date: when will the withdrawal of troops at Petrovsky

The Ukrainian authorities have announced a new date for the separation of forces near the village of Petrovskoye in Donbas. So, according to the head of the military operation of the Armed forces of Ukraine in the Donbas Volodymyr Kravchenko, if the silence regime is respected, then the divorce will occur on November 8.
"We have already submitted a letter to the OSCE, on November 7 [November], we are embarking, and on November 8 [November], we are actually parting [forces and means] if there is no violation of the silence regime," Ukrinform quoted Kravchenko as saying.

The Ukrainian military also recalled that the actual absence of shelling during the week should be confirmed by the OSCE monitoring mission. As the representative of Kyiv in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Alexander Borschevsky specified, on November 7 there will be a ceasefire verification and an OSCE notification. “And from 12.00 [13.00 Moscow time] on November 8, the armed forces of [Ukraine] in the event of a ceasefire will be able to begin practical measures to deploy forces and assets in this sector," he said at a briefing.

On Monday, November 4, representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) informed opponents that they were ready to withdraw forces in this area by firing a white flare. Mirror actions from the Ukrainian side were not followed.

In the DPR later noted that the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sabotaged the beginning of the withdrawal of troops from Petrovsky. “There is no challenge today. <...> On the part of the DPR, we are ready to deploy forces and means and fulfil all our obligations, "said Ruslan Yakubov, head of the DPR’s representative office in the Central Control Commission of the ceasefire, on November 4.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine meanwhile noted that the breeding of forces on the territory of this pilot has not come because it was violated ceasefire, according to RIA "Novosti". “As regards non-breeding in the Petrovsky area, you know that, according to our estimates, the breeding was to begin today. But a few days ago there were shelling in the breeding area ... this was recorded by the OSCE SMM. Therefore, we were forced to postpone the breeding, ”Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko said on Monday.

At the same time, he is confident that the withdrawal by the parties to the conflict of their troops from the contact line in Petrovsky will mean that all the conditions for holding a meeting of the "Norman Four" are met.

Meanwhile, the Russian envoy in the contact group Boris Gryzlov believes that Kyiv once again disrupts the process of the separation of forces in the Petrovsky area, which contradicts the agreements.

“Contrary to the agreements reached on October 29 at the meeting of the contact group, Kyiv is disrupting the start of the process of resuming the separation of forces and assets in Petrovsky,” the politician said.

He noted that the breeding in these territories was supposed to begin on November 4, but the APU did not proceed with the withdrawal of forces, while the militias were ready to begin the process.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister of the DPR, Natalya Nikonorova, announced that the security forces and militias would begin a mirror-based troop withdrawal at Petrovsky on November 4. The same date was voiced by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. However, he set a condition: the process should be preceded by a ceasefire regime that would last seven days.

The framework decision on the separation of forces and assets in the Donbas was signed by representatives of Ukraine, the LPR, the DPR, Russia and the OSCE back in September 2016. According to the agreements, three pilot security zones were created - near Zolotoy, Petrovsky and Stanitsa Lugansk. Almost immediately, the process was carried out on the territory of the first two points, but the security forces subsequently returned to these areas.

Attempts to resume this process began only this summer when Vladimir Zelensky came to power. On June 30, the parties withdrew troops in the area of ​​the Lugansk Village. Then, on October 1, the contact group signed the Steinmeier formula, which helps implement the Minsk agreements. In addition, the negotiators agreed on the separation of forces in the remaining territories. It was planned that the complete withdrawal of troops would be completed by mid-October. However, according to representatives of the DPR, the Ukrainian security forces disrupted this process.

In addition, Ukrainian nationalists opposed the removal of weapons from their positions by Ukraine. After the signing of the “formula”, mass rallies were held across the country. The radicals demanded to abandon the agreements concluded in Minsk in 2015, as well as the “Steinmeier formula”. Nationalists also took up positions in the area of ​​the reintroduction of forces at Golden.

After Zelensky unexpectedly arrived there and demanded “to remove his weapons”, a divorce of troops began on October 29 near the contact line near this village. On November 1, representatives of the LPR announced that the process was over. November 2, this was confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities.

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