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"Nuclear explosion in Russia": in Kyiv offered to attack nuclear power plants

In Kyiv, they called for the creation of 200 missiles with a range of 2.5 thousand kilometres in order to attack nuclear plants in Russia and cause explosions equal in strength to nuclear ones. At the same time, the former head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Turchinov regretted that Ukraine does not have nuclear weapons and therefore cannot declare war on Russia.

"Nuclear explosion in Russia": in Kiev offered to attack nuclear power plants

Ukraine must create its own missile production in order to attack Russian nuclear power facilities with strikes similar in strength to nuclear, said a Ukrainian political and economic expert Taras Zagorodni.

“Two regiments of such missiles, pieces of 200 - is a force, a powerful force that allows you to damage the Russian Federation. And it will be almost a nuclear weapon: one such missile will fly to a nuclear station on the territory of the Russian Federation, and it will actually be a nuclear explosion, ”Zagorodni said.

According to him, Kyiv should completely abstract from Moscow.

“We must proceed from pragmatic considerations: to reduce our dependence on Russia, on Russian energy resources, to close the production of weapons in the country, and not be afraid to build missiles. I am a supporter that Ukraine should already start building medium-range missiles up to 2.5 thousand kilometers, ”the political scientist explained.

He also called for an example from Israel.

“We need to live the way Israel lives. He does not ask anyone what to do - he follows his national interests. He didn’t ask anyone: he wanted to create a nuclear weapon - he created it, ”Zagorodni concluded.

A week earlier, an imitation of the bombing of the Crimea was carried out by strategic bombers of the US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress.

This was reported in a press release from the European Command of the United States Armed Forces (EUCOM).

Two B-52s made a training flight over the Black Sea, the release said. The flight duration was about 12 hours.

According to PlaneRadar, the training “raid” on the Crimea could be accomplished as part of the exercises held on October 19. In the process of military training, the military of Romania, Georgia, and Ukraine also took part. B-52 bombers were deployed from the United States to Europe in March 2019.

“The purpose of the arrival is joint training at the European theater to improve the interaction of bombers. These missions provide an opportunity to participate in joint operations with US allies and partners, as well as demonstrate the capabilities of the reserve forces to ensure combat readiness, ”said EUCOM.

A little earlier, the director of the Defense Express information and consulting company, Sergey Zgurets, said that new Ukrainian developments in the field of weapons could give "a powerful response to the troops of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin in the Donbas."

It is worth noting that the Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that they are not a party to the internal conflict in southeastern Ukraine. In addition, Moscow has repeatedly pointed out that there are no Russian troops in the war zone in the Donbas.
As an example of a new weapon, Zgurets called the Typhoon-1 missile, which, in his opinion, should be paid special attention to. These weapons were presented by the Yuzhnoye design bureau at the recently completed exhibition "Weapons and Security - 2019" in Kyiv.

Zgurets noted that the Typhoon-1 can hit targets 20 km further than the Grad multiple launch rocket systems, which was developed in the USSR and is designed to destroy the enemy’s army, its equipment, as well as command posts and other targets in the enemy tactical rear.

Among the novelties of Ukrainian weapons, the director of the company also singled out the control system for the Grom-2 complex. She, according to him, was developed as part of the IT artillery project - software capable of "turning individual destruction systems into strike reconnaissance systems."

n September this year, the chairman of the interim commission of the Federation Council on information policy, Alexei Pushkov, pointed out that the statement by the former secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, Alexander Turchinov, that Ukraine would not be able to fight with Russia in the near future, since it does not have nuclear weapons, is bad a sign.

“The ex-head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Turchinov expressed regret that Ukraine does not have nuclear weapons and therefore cannot declare war on Russia, which has powerful nuclear potential. With which he once again proved his gloomy madness, ”the Russian senator said.

In turn, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that he “did not even want to think” about the possibility of a Russian-Ukrainian war. So the head of the department commented on the calls of extremists in Ukraine to start a war with Russia, reports NSN.

“I really hope that the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian authorities have enough will, strength, and ability to cool those hot heads that call for such stupidity and a crazy plot. Once, extremists in Ukraine will have to be stopped anyway, ”the head of the Defense Ministry explained.

According to the Russian minister, Ukrainians are a fraternal people who share a common history with the Russians. In particular, Shoigu emphasized the importance of the memory of the Great Patriotic War. In addition, the head of the Ministry of Defense expressed hope for "peace and good neighborliness" with the Ukrainians.

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