Samsung Galaxy S11 + camera could look better

If all the modules were placed in a more or less logical pattern 

In social networks, over the past hour, discussions have appeared about the renders of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S11 + that have been published by the well-known master of network leaks Steve Hammerstoffer (Steve Hammerstoffer), acting under the pseudonym OnLeaks.
Samsung Galaxy S11 + camera could look better

The thing is that the vast majority of the renders he published were later officially confirmed by real smartphones, so most likely the Samsung Galaxy S11 + will look just like that.

Samsung Galaxy S11 + camera could look better

No one has any complaints about the front part. But the back panel, or rather the main camera unit, caused a real flurry of emotions. Commentators on Twitter argue that compared to Samsung Galaxy S11 + smartphones iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4 are really handsome.

Network insider Ben Geskin (Ben Geskin) clearly showed how asymmetrically located all the modules in the Samsung Galaxy S11 +.

Samsung Galaxy S11 + camera could look better

He also tweaked the render by showing how the Samsung Galaxy S11 + camera would have looked if all the modules had been placed in a more or less logical pattern, adhering to the simple principles of symmetry and design.
In any case, we will not hear Samsung's explanations until the official announcement, which is expected in February 2020.

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