Serious problems await owners of 5G smartphones

Most of the released smartphones will not be able to fulfil their task as early as 2020.

SA and NSA modes correspond to an independent 5G network and a dependent network. In 5G NSA network mode, operators can use base stations simultaneously for 4G and 5G networks, which saves investment. But the main drawback is that this mode cannot support the new 5G features, such as low latency. In addition, the need to connect simultaneously to a 4G and 5G network in NSA mode leads to increased power consumption compared to using 5G SA mode.

Honor V30 and V30 Pro smartphones based on a single-chip Huawei Kirin 990 system support 5G dual-mode cellular networks, however, many 5G smartphones on the market only support NS
Serious problems await owners of 5G smartphones

Honor President Zhao Ming explained why they waited quite a while before releasing their first 5G product. According to him, “the majority of 5G products on the market are transitional and temporary. So we decided to wait and use the best 5G platform on the market for our Honor V30 series. ” It is worth noting that at the event China Mobile Partner Conference, the single-chip Huawei Kirin 990 5G system was indeed called the best 5G platform.

5G smartphones that only support NSA, which are currently sold in different countries and are in the hands of a large number of consumers, have a big problem. By 2020, a large number of SA networks will be deployed. All of these mobile phones will not work properly. If we had previously released a smartphone that only supported NSA mode, we would have given our consumers a very bad product.  Zhao Ming
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