Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and more

DeveloperYs net
PublisherDeep silver
Official site
GenresAdventure thriller
Game Release DateNovember 19, 2019
Game Release Date in RussiaNovember 19, 2019
A broken combat system, a terrible story, almost entirely of meaningless chatter, and grind - get the continuation of the famous series! If it were not for the halo of the "legendary" commercially disastrous ancestors, then Shenmue 3 would go straight to the garbage industry.
Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything
In defense of Shenmue 3, we can say that Yu Suzuki and his team took on an unbearable burden. The original of 1999 was perhaps the first significant project in the open world and surprised by the implementation of people's daily lives in a virtual city, interactivity with inspecting objects and interacting with objects, as well as advanced graphics, led by amazing character models. According to various estimates, they spent from 47 to 70 million dollars on the development of the first part. Travel raised about $ 6.3 million on Kickstarter and received additional, but incomparable, funding from its predecessors. It affected the game.

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Moreover, projects in the open world were, are and remain one of the most successful and popular genres. These are not shooters in the labyrinth levels, not classic party role-playing games, not purebred platformers and battle horror, which do not even need to update the facade and just shake off dust from ideas that are not popular today, and then saddle with nostalgia. Shenmue set the tone two decades ago, but today is hopelessly outdated.

Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything
Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything

What did Yu Suzuki and his associates do? Yes stupidly repeated archaic elements and flavoured them with a cheap supply of material! The obscenity is covered by a fig leaflet with the inscription “For Shenmue fans”, but I want to remake a wretched excuse: “For unassuming Shenmue fans who are ready to consume garbage under a familiar name.”

A large part of Ryo Hazuki’s adventures is devoted to walking from one Chinese (or Chinese) to another. All in order to find out information of varying degrees of futility and go to the next inhabitant of the Middle Kingdom for the same meaningless dialogue. Stupid phrases, as a rule, are forbidden to skip and you have to listen to the same greetings and goodbyes. Sometimes you need to find out the location of a store or person without specific landmarks, and this turns into a series of blurred conversations with long pauses between replicas.

Ryo is sent around in small locations in order to exchange verbal pleasantries with idols with terrible facial animation. Individual interlocutors appear at home at a particular hour. They are allowed to waste time and talk with some bricklayer without needing to wander the streets in the languid expectation of an event, but with the onset of dusk, the young man is obliged to return home, sleep and again go to overflow from empty to empty. Along the way, you can admire the bogies disappearing and appearing at the indicated hour and a couple of wandering extras. Living World from the creators of Shenmue sample of 2019 - enjoy a charge of nostalgia!

The game is stretched due to the aspects of the survival simulator. Ryo must eat, otherwise, the health indicator drops and the guy refuses to run. In the village, this does not become a noticeable problem due to the small distances. Then they are sent to a city with spacious streets, and the desire to portray a turtle for a long time disappears. Therefore, you either eat and run or torment stretches.

Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything
Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything

It takes money to buy food to restore strength. It is possible to earn a dozen or two yuan in mini-games, whether it is chopping wood, driving a loader, catching ducks, fishing or gambling. Such classes are annoying already at the familiarization stage because of hopeless primitivism, but everyday routine becomes an indispensable component of the game. In addition, during the adventure, Ryo must collect a substantial amount for the purchase of expensive things twice, otherwise, there is no further way. At your service several grades of grind for several hours with the repetition of the same actions!

Periodically, what is happening turns into a clumsy analogue of the three-dimensional fighting game? Fights seem to attract an impressive list of tricks, but they are drowned in shortcomings. The enemy strikes inexplicably reach the hero, and Ryo's attacks regularly do not reach the enemy. The jerking movements of the brawl participants and the problem camera are even more confusing, and fights with several bandits turn into an unequal battle with an inadequate target selection system. It remains only to hammer on the buttons and hope for a positive outcome.

Even on normal difficulty, the enemies easily deal with the young man. What to do? Train! True, pumping characteristics boils down to banal mini-games! This consumes stamina! They make me buy food and work for the sake of making money! Unbridled joy! By the way, there is nothing wrong with passing Shenmue 3 on the "Story" difficulty. At least, the development of the hero and the like routine takes less time, and at the same time, the negative effect of mediocre fights is reduced. The project is becoming a little less boring, and this is a major achievement.

Sometimes you look around the room for important items. Moreover, Ryo does everything demonstratively leisurely, shows a terrible animation of hands and fingers, and is also constantly forced to press buttons in the simplest situations and wait for the protagonist's slow reaction.

Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything
Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything

The lack of ideas of the creators is perfectly illustrated in one moment. The campaign is divided into two parts, but their structure is almost identical. Ryo arrives in the settlement (village, and then into the city), looks for bandits, fights with bandits, bumps into the leader, loses, looks for the kung fu master, deserves the master’s location, including through a series of obligatory fights in the ring, learns a secret trick and defeats the enemies.

The plot ... According to legend, Shenmue 3 was supposed to satisfy fans of a series of disappointing finale sequels with a hint of continuation. So, the developers were honoured with a couple of minor bits of information, and in the end, we are waiting for another open finale with “To be continued” in the kit! This step studio Ys Net is able to bring to a boiling point. The narrative already represents poorly written conversations with rare interspersed revelations!

To call local characters unicellular is to offend the amoeba. Ryo is like a fool who can only repeat the same questions over and over. In the intervals between unsuccessful attempts to cut a cucumber, his companion gives parting words and is in no hurry to change the behaviour model. Many interlocutors with plastic faces are wildly angry and annoyed. Among the series of sexually preoccupied women, stupid old people, silly villains and extras with a couple of phrases, only the stereotyped Kung Fu masters and a thief with a good sense of humour stand out. In general, China, according to the creators, is like a bunch of dull clowns. Russian subtitles are not provided, but this is the lesser of the shortcomings of the game.

There are no complaints only about decoration. Shenmue 3 pleases with detailed locations, ranging from the village market and the decoration of the temple to casinos, shops and halls with slot machines. The main thing is not to pay attention to the chock as characters.

Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything
Shenmue 3 - hard chair Complete Guide Review and Everything

Even if we discard rotten mechanics with unicellular mini-games, squalid battles, walking from one Chinese to another and accept the fact that the creators, led by Yu Suzuki, did not think about progress and tried to appease the fans in this way, then Shenmue 3 is disgusting. Most of the story comes down to blurry and stupid talk about nothing. Characters cause hatred. The tasks are stretched by the need to eat and earn money. The adventure either quotes itself literally or discourages mediocre moments. The campaign takes about twenty hours, but this time seems like an eternity. To buy this is to support the ruble developers' disregarding attitude.


  • Beautiful views of the Chinese village and port city


  • Much of the story comes down to meaningless and tedious long conversations
  • A set of disgusting clowns as characters, terrible English voice acting
  • Offensive ellipses as finale
  • The same type of primitive mission in the campaign, a lot of self-repetitions
  • Mediocre combat system
  • Inexpressive production scenes
  • Daily routine, eating, making money to buy expensive things and training artificially stretch the game through dull activities
  • Inconvenient interface


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