Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck rises like a snowball

On average, Cybertruck orders every 1-1.5 s.

Tesla Cybertruck, controversially perceived by many for its design, seems to have hit the heart of a US audience. Otherwise, how can we explain that in two days more than 146,000 people ordered it, and in three days the volume of orders exceeded 200,000 pieces!

Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck rises like a snowball
You can even calculate the speed with which Americans give Tesla an advance of $ 100 - this is the amount the deposit for Cybertruck is valued at. Marks in 187,000 and 200,000 orders, judging by Twitter by Elon Musk (Elon Musk), divided the time interval of 6 hours. That is, approximately 2166 cars per hour or 1 Cybertruck are ordered every 1-1.5 s. And most of the people lined up in the queue are really ready to wait from a year and a half to two years to get a futuristic armoured pickup truck with shattering (for now) windows.

Recall that earlier Musk spoke about the demand structure for Cybertruck - most users are interested in expensive all-wheel-drive versions with two or three motors. And we wrote about the options for Cybertruck - they are as non-standard as the pickup itself.

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