That's why Tesla Cybertruck looks so weird

It's all about physical matter

Tesla has already submitted 200,000 pre-orders for cyber truck pickups. Yes, you only need to pay $ 100 when you exit, so the question is how many people will eventually refuse to buy a car.

But the number of orders will clearly increase, and that is an extra amount for Tesla. In any case, it's not about that anymore.
That's why Tesla Cybertruck looks so weird
Elon Musk decided to explain why Cybertruck looks the way he looks. It turned out that the reason is very simple and not related to design as such.  

Recall, the Tesla Cybertruck case is made of high strength steel. More specifically, on the Tesla website, it is listed as 30X. And, as Ilon Mask himself stated, this steel cannot be stamped, so chopped and primitive forms of the pickup body are caused by the inability to do otherwise.

True, it is possible that Musk originally wanted to make the Tesla pickup truck something like this, and only then an idea with high-strength steel was born.  

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