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The battle for oil: Assad spoke about the third world war

The armed conflict in Syria is a miniature model of World War III, said Syrian President Bashar Assad. He expressed the opinion that one of the reasons for the hostilities in his country was oil, in connection with which he once again pointed to the "predatory" policy of Washington. At the same time, in the USA they assure that they only protect the deposits from terrorists.

The battle for oil: Assad spoke about the third world war

Syrian President Bashar al- Assad considers the conflict in his country a miniature model of the third world war, which is conducted indirectly. One of the factors in the outbreak of war in the SAR, in his opinion, can be called oil.
The Syrian leader drew attention to the fact that the United States has always sought to plunder other states: they took away oil, money and rights, including political ones.

The head of state expressed the view that Washington has been playing the role of “robber” at least since the end of World War II.

“Do not forget that the United States is at war with the rest of the world. Here we are talking about tectonic shifts and “earthquakes”. After all, the old world order, established after the Second World War, has outlived itself, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The unipolar world model no longer works. A number of rising powers like Russia, China, India and others stand out, ”he told RT.

Assad does not find it surprising that the United States exported oil worth more than $ 30 million per month from Syria. He noted that from time to time, Washington’s methods take on new forms, but in this case, the most egregious practical example of American politics is the looting of oil fields.

At the same time, as the Syrian president drew attention to, the USA does not want to recognize anyone as a partner “in global leadership” - even Great Britain, France and other large states.

The US believes it is waging a war for survival because it is losing its hegemony, and this is the main problem with this country, Assad said. He noted that Washington decided to fight with Russia, Iran, Syria, which say "no" to their dominance in the world. The head of the SAR, I am confident that the United States will be ready to fight even with the allies, with Western governments, if they refuse to recognize their hegemony.

He also expressed the opinion that the American side is building its policy by trial and error.

“They invaded Afghanistan - nothing came of it. Invaded Iraq - nothing came of it. They began to invade other countries but in other ways. They changed their approach, ”Assad said.

The Syrian leader recalled that the United States sent its army to Iraq, but realized that this idea had failed. “The losses were big, and even the United States had to pay for it,” he stressed.

At the same time, in the USA they deny their personal interest in Syrian oil. The official representative of Pentagon Jonathan Hoffman said that profits from the Washington-controlled oil fields in northern Syria enter into the hands of the coalition "Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDS), the Kurdish groups.

Rear Admiral William Byrne, the spokesman for the US Armed Forces Committee, confirmed Hoffman’s words and emphasized that control over the fields is not Washington’s main concern. “Our task is to defeat the Islamic State (Islamic State, the organization is banned in the Russian Federation. -“ Gazeta.Ru ”), the protection of oil fields is a secondary task within this mission. And the goal is to deprive the IG of profits from these oil fields, ”Bern explained.

As the Pentagon spokesman explained, the IS terrorists initially had the opportunity to seize the oil points, but the United States was in northern Syria to prevent this. “They absolutely had the opportunity to do this in 2014 and in 2015. Our forces, both mechanized and infantry, are there to prevent this, ”said Hoffman.

At the same time, Assad ironically praised US President Donald Trump just for the fact that he openly admits: "The US needs oil."

For this reason, at the end of October, he named the American leader the best head of state. He admitted that this was not because of his policy, but because of the transparency of the statements, SANA reported.

As the SAR president emphasized, “the reality is that American presidents are a group of criminals who represent the interests of the American lobby,” including “oil companies and arms manufacturers.”

According to him, such a situation exists "at least since the Second World War." “What else do we need except a transparent opponent?” Assad said.

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