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26 models of Intel 10th generation desktop Core are leaked! 10 cores only need 25W!

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Intel will soon launch the desktop version of the Comet Leake-S, the 10th Generation Core processor code, which is still 14nm technology and older architecture but will be upgraded to a maximum of 10 cores and 20 threads. , And will be replaced by the new LGA 1200 package interface. , With a new 400 Series Motherboard.

It is now expected that all 26 models of the 10th Generation Core of the desktop, as well as the supporting 6 chipsets, have all appeared.

The specific model of the processor is not available, but we have already seen i3-10100, i3-10100, i5-10600, i5-10600T, and other models are not difficult to speculate, as the above flagship is almost certainly As i9-10900K.

10 cores only need 25W!  All 26 Intel 10th generation Cores leaked
Specifically, the Comet Lake-S Family has full coverage, from brand to high, from Core i9. Apart from Ceylon, they all support hyper-threading and increased L3 cache.

Thermal design power consumption is divided into three types: 125W, 65W, and 35W. There are three models, 13 models, and 10 models, of which 125W is all K series (Z490 can be overclocked with the motherboard), and frequency can be reduced to 95W, 35W can also reduce frequency control to 25W.

26 models of Intel 10th generation desktop Core are leaked! 10 cores only need 25W!

The Core i9 series has three models, each with 125/65 / 35W, 10 cores, 20 threads, and 20 MBL of 3 cache, with 2 cores, 4 threads, and 4 M compared to the ninth generation. BL3 cache included.

The 10 core can also reduce the minimum 35W frequency and power consumption, which means with a little adjustment you can get 25W 10 core, 14nm is really God!

The Core i7 series also has three models, each with 125/65 / 35W, 8 cores, 16 threads, and 16 MBL of 3 cache, which from the ninth generation also has 2 cores, 4 threads, and 4 MBL. 3 cache increments.

There are seven cores i5 series, 125W one, 65 / 35W three, every 6 cores and 12 threads (the first hyperthreading in i5 history), 12 MB three-level cache, or 2 cores, 4 threads higher than the ninth generation, 4MB L3 cache.

Fifth Core i3 Series, 65W Three and 35W Two, are 4 Core, 8 Threads, 8 MB Level 3 Cache, 2 Cores, 4 Threads, and 2 MB Level 3 Cache have been added to the 9th generation. It also supports DDR4-2666 memory.

There are also five Pentium series, two models of 65W and two models of 35W, both of which have 2 cores, 4 threads, and 4 MB level 3 cache, compared to the ninth generation 2 thread (full support for hyper-threading) and Adds 2 MB Level 3 Caches. General Chat Chat Lounge At the same time, the basic display has also improved GT2 levels

There are three Celeron models, two 65W and 35W models, 2 cores, 2 threads, and 2 MB L3 caches. They are the only people in the family who do not support hyperthreading. The basic display is GT1 and supports memory DDR4-2400.

26 models of Intel 10th generation desktop Core are leaked! 10 cores only need 25W!

In terms of the motherboard chipset, which includes entry-level workstations W480, enterprise-class Q470, high-end Z490, mainstream H470 / B460, and entry-level H410, all will be released early next year ( It also proves that the processor, for the first time at the beginning of the year), C246, Q370, Z370 / Z390, H370, B360 / B365, H310 / H310C.

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