Android 10 update release for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

This month Earlier Samsung started releasing a stable Android 10 update for the Galaxy Note 10 + Since then, Around the world, the update has reached more markets. It is now released for the T-Mobile-branded Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ in the US. This comes a week after Verizon released the same update for the Note 10 models on its network.
 Android 10 update release for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

Samsung is releasing Android 10-based One UI 2.0 relatively quickly, thanks to Google's platform-level improvements to improve processing speed. American operators who usually delay publishing updates to the Android version have also increased their game this time. 

Ironically, non-locked Note 10/10 + models have not yet received updates in the country, which should upset consumers who have bought them to avoid delays in updating updates had to taken

 Android 10 update release for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+
Android 10 and Samsung one UI 2.0 are relatively small updates, especially compared to the release of One UI 1.0 last year. The last iteration is mainly dedicated to eliminating discrepancies in the user interface. 

Yet on T-Mobile Note 10/10 + you have not received the OTA notification then you need to check "Settings" manually and clicking "Download and Install" in the "Software Update" menu. Can test. If this doesn't update, you should wait for your turn. In addition, you can download Android 10 firmware for Note 10 and Note 10+ from our database and flash it manually.

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