Apple big moves comes - Apple's new action exposure for Windows platform:

Of course, Apple has never shunned iPhone users who use Windows, so in addition to their Mac, iPhone and iPad devices, it is important to give the invitation to provide a Safari browser, not mentioned before.,  but only stopped.

Apple Big Moves for Windows platform: Apple's new action exposure:

The latest news suggests that Apple will release a Chromium-based Safari browser for Windows users, and company employees have secretly enabled Chromium developers to flag "smart tracking" technology in the Chromium 80 issue tracking tool. Invited to do this.
Apple's new action exposure: Safari browser for Windows platform

Why Apple is Relaunching the Windows Safari Browser Some people have speculated that the company is looking after most iPhone users using Windows PCs. When they use Google Chrome on a Windows platform, they may suffer privacy, and Apple hopes they will do something about it.

In other words, by reinstalling the Safari browser for Windows, Apple hopes to provide users with an enhanced privacy experience.

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