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Good luck brings a lot of money: Google boss again receives mega bonus

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Because Sundar Pichai is no longer just the boss of Google, but also the CEO of the entire Alphabet group, he again receives a huge bonus. The search engine giant's management plans to pay him hundreds of millions of dollars over the next three years.

Good luck brings a lot of money: Google boss again receives mega bonus
As Google announced in a note to the US stock exchange regulator at the end of last week, Sundar Pichai will pay the record sum of $ 240 million after moving to the top of the group at Google's parent company Alphabet. 

The money is to be paid in the form of performance-based share packages over a period of three years. With this, the company promises the successful manager more money than a Google or Alphabet employee has ever received.

It starts with two million dollars

Pichai initially receives an annual salary of $ 2 million for 2020. His direct predecessor Larry Page, who founded Google together with Sergey Brin decades ago, recently received only one dollar for his position at the top of Alphabet. 

A few weeks ago, Brin and Page announced their withdrawal from the senior posts at Alphabet and installed the previous Google boss Pichai as their successor as CEO of the entire group.

Pichai had already received an annual salary of over $ 652,000 when he took over as head of Google in 2015. Already in 2016, he received the largest stock bonus in Google's history when he was offered a package worth $ 199 million. With the new bonus of $ 240 million, he is in the shade of his own Google internal record.

The manager is generally credited with being largely responsible for the huge success of the Google Chrome browser, which is now Internet Explorer from Microsoft. 

In the meantime, he was even in the discussion as the successor to Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO, before the no less successful Satya Nadelle took over the management of the software giant from Redmond. 

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