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GTA 6: All important information, Rumours and dates at a glance

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In this special for the upcoming open-world shooter Grand Theft Auto 6, we talk about all the information available about GTA 6. Rumours about the game world, the possible start date and prices are also highlighted. As a hub, this article is constantly updated.
GTA 6: All important information, rumors and dates at a glance
On our own behalf: This article is a special report that we are constantly updating and enriching with new information. It serves as an overview and collection point for all news about GTA VI. The last update took place on December 19, 2019, at 9:30 a.m.

What has happened since the last update?

  • The short trailer indicates game world in South America
  • More rumours surrounding the release date of GTA 6
  • Job announcement predicts launch for Xbox Series X & PS5
GTA 6: Has development of the game already started?

Now that the successful open-world shooter GTA 5 has had six years under its belt and can be played on the Windows PC for almost four years, one wonders, of course, whether the development studio Rockstar Games already has Grand Theft Auto 6 works. The group has not (yet) made an official statement, but there are signs that the work may already have started.

GTA 6: All important information, rumors and dates at a glance

After the rush for the equally popular Western title Red Dead Redemption 2 and a short breather, Rockstar released a whole series of new job ads. This usually indicates in the gaming industry that work on a larger project should begin or should be significantly intensified. 

Above all, the requirements for the applicants show that a new game like GTA 6 could be in the making. Among other things, you are looking for specialists for facial animations and physics engines.

In addition, some leaks at Pastebin have already indicated that work on GTA 6 is progressing. In addition, an alleged graphic designer from Rockstar Games in India upgraded his resume by developing car designs for the upcoming open-world shooter.

GTA 6: New Cities or Shooting Again in the USA?

In the fifth part of the Grand Theft Auto series, you roam the streets of Los Santos, a city that is modelled in Los Angeles. North American locations have done the developer well, but there are also more exotic locations under discussion. For a long time, insiders relied on locations like Bogota or Tokyo. 

Apparently, the latter city is difficult to implement due to its road network. Transport is also an issue as to why British London could be removed from the list of potential places. After all, there is "complicated" left-hand traffic here.

Finally, Paris and, of course, American classics such as San Diego and Miami are discussed, but here you don't really want to commit yourself to any candidate yet. 

The city in the state of Florida was already the linchpin in GTA Vice City. In addition, trips to South America would be conceivable, from which the code name "Project Americas" should be derived. There is also talk that in GTA 6 you can play with a female main character. In the last games of the series, one was always travelling with a male protagonist. For many, that would be a welcome change.

The cities of New York and Miami, which are to be integrated for Grand Theft Auto 6, are currently particularly popular. Of course in the familiar form of Liberty City (GTA 3 + 4) and Vice City. This is already indicated by some leaks and insiders are also heavily counting on these locations. If you trust various rumors, Los Santos will also play a role again, which could increase the game world to a total of three cities. However, they have not yet been confirmed by Rockstar.

In a new trailer for the GTA online DLC "The Diamond Casino Heist" fans also want to have found a direct allusion to a game world in South America that could become part of Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6: Has the release date for Germany already been set?

Probably jokingly, Dan Houser, head of Rockstar Games, said in an interview with GQ magazine about the release of GTA 6. According to that, the game would not be released as long as Donald Trump was president of the United States. 

If one were to take this statement at face value, a start date in 2021 would be conceivable. However, experts assume that the first announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 is due in 2021. So you should rather expect Take-Two and Rockstar to launch the next GTA in Germany in 2022.

Also interesting are the speculations about a market launch parallel to the two next-gen game consoles Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5), According to various statements, the current console generation should not offer enough power to cope with the new part of Grand Theft Auto.

 Both systems are expected in autumn or winter of the next year 2020. It remains to be seen whether the development work on GTA 6 will be completed by then.

GTA 6: Which price is due in Germany?

As speculative as about the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, you can only comment on the possible price of the title. There are rumours in the community about various GTA 6 editions (Standard, Gold, Ultimate etc.), but there is nothing really tangible about these rumours. 

GTA 6: All important information, rumours and dates at a glance

If Rockstar Games stays true to itself, the sixth part will probably also be released first for the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation, regardless of which generation these two will be in. In addition, the developer has always used a full-price version (approx. 50-70 euros) and later added bundles with packages for GTA Online.
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