Huawei HMS replaces GMS's code scanning service: Scan Kit recognizes 13 QR codes

For Important and specific reason Huawei need to launched own products that replace google GMS service. which is not the core of the echo system of android. Huawei has launched own HMS product that has a great capability to replace the Google GMS. 
Huawei HMS replaces GMS's code scanning service: Scan Kit recognizes 13 QR codes

Latter which have more function, and maybe in future Huawei decided to launch all product that runs on those systems and protocols  that is developed by Huawei company that's why Huawei replace the product slowly to running the product on own HMS that is alternative google GMS

A few days back Huawei already introduced the Scan Kit unified scanning function that is developed by its own developer which can recognize 13 kinds of QR codes and barcodes.

As compared to Google GMS Huawei (Huawei Mobile Services Core) HMS service has actually had more integrated function. In August, Huawei stated that in HDC developer conference Huawei will open HMS service for the replacement of Google GMS service to the world. In which include nine basic services and five growth service provides a developer with the ability to allows the user to the full-screen scenario 

allow developers to focus on innovation, help everyone quickly access the HMS ecosystem, and jointly bring a better full-scene digital life experience to Huawei end users. .

The unified code scanning service Scan Kit is one of them. In the application of two-dimensional codes and barcodes, Chinese companies are in the forefront of the world, so the code scanning service is very important in China, which is different from GMS.

According to the Huawei Developer Alliance, the Scan Kit unified scanning service has the following features and advantages:

Code identification and analysis: Supports identification and analysis of 13 mainstream two-dimensional codes and barcodes worldwide (the supported code formats are QR, Date Matrix, PDF417, Aztec, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC- E, Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, ITF)

Automatic amplification: Supports detection and adaptive amplification of long-distance codes.

Arbitrary angle recognition: Support scanning codes placed at any angle.

Complex scene recognition enhancement: Supports recognition optimization in scenes such as strong light, defacement, cylinder, and plane rotation.


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