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Inexpensive symmetric mouse Corsair M55 RGB Pro

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If someone releases symmetrical mice, then someone needs this. Of course, left-handed people are gratefully greeted by such devices. Right-handed people often ignore them, but some do not bother a couple of additional buttons. Especially if they can be configured to run certain commands. 

Inexpensive symmetric mouse Corsair M55 RGB Pro

One of such symmetrical mice, the Corsair M55 RGB Pro, came to our test. Its distinguishing feature is the lack of distinctive features. This is an ordinary mouse, which copes well with its duties, is not satisfactory (except for one detail, but more on that later) and pleases with a relatively low price.

Inexpensive symmetric mouse Corsair M55 RGB Pro


  • Total number of buttons: 8
  • Programmable Buttons: Yes
  • Sensor: Optical PixArt PMW3327
  • Maximum sensor resolution: 12400 dpi
  • Polling Frequency: 1000 Hz
  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Connection Interface: USB
  • Cable length: 1.8m 
  • RGB backlight: yes
  • Built-in memory: yes
  • Ability to change shape or weight: no
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 68 x 40 x 124 mm
  • Weight: 86g
  • Price: 3500 rubles

Design and Sensor

The choice of a gaming mouse should always, hear, is always built around the sensor. Then there comes the form, materials, weight and type of connection, which is not for everybody. 
Over decades of evolution, engineers got the hang of making convenient manipulators, trying to please people with small and large palms, different types of grips. 
As for the Corsair M55 RGB Pro, it is a large mouse with a rough surface, an interesting rubberized texture on the sidewalls. We had a mouse on the test for about a month, and during active use, the plastic under the fingertips did not dry out, which indicates its good quality. 

The wheel travel is clear, forward and reverse. The steps feel good, so if you need to turn the wheel strictly one or two divisions, there will be no problems with this.

 It only bothers that the rotation of the wheel back occurs silently, and forward - with distinctive clicking sounds. This is not a claim, no. Just weird. 
The mouse is well suited for people with normal palms (neither large nor small). The hand rests on it comfortably, the buttons are located in easily accessible places, and, importantly, do not accidentally press them.
Side buttons are symmetrically located on the right and left. One pair is above the thumb, the other two can be pressed with the phalanx of the ring finger. Thus, all buttons of the manipulator are available to the user. 

Inexpensive symmetric mouse Corsair M55 RGB Pro

Omron D2FC-FK with a resource of 50 million clicks are used as switches. 

As for technical capabilities, here we use an entry-level optical sensor PixArt PMW3327 with DPI 12400 (the PixArt website has a resolution of 6200 for this sensor) and an acceleration of 30g.

 The sensor copes well with its tasks, but we would not recommend this mouse to fans of multiplayer high-speed shooters, where both high accuracy and reaction speed are required - it is better to choose a mouse with a sensor of a class higher. 

Inexpensive symmetric mouse Corsair M55 RGB Pro

For other genres, the mouse works well. It is relatively light, weighs 85 grams, provides precise control, lies comfortably in the hand, the palm does not get tired during hours of gaming sessions. 

Above the wheel is a DPI switch button between the four modes. In order not to get confused, an LED is located above the button. Each DPI mode is indicated by a separate colour

Inexpensive symmetric mouse Corsair M55 RGB Pro

The mouse is embellished with Corsair's signature RPB logo. 


The proprietary iCUE application allows you to configure each mouse element: orientation (right- or left-sided), DPI (each value can be set to a different colour), change the functionality of the buttons or disable them (if you do not need additional side buttons, for example). Macros are supported.

Of course, the backlighting of the corporate logo is also customizable. 


Since we have nothing to do with e-sports, we do not have specific requirements for super precision and high acceleration, the operation of the mouse did not cause any complaints about network shooters or real-time strategies. Additional buttons came in handy, as did the ability to instantly switch DPI.

We used the mouse not only in games, but also in professional Adobe applications, and were pleasantly surprised by the comfortable work in Photoshop and Illustrator, where pixel accuracy is literally in demand.

Pressing the button does not shift the cursor. It seems that it should be so, but for some reason, not all mice have this basic feature implemented well (this is largely due to the unsuccessful angle of pressing the buttons). 

Inexpensive symmetric mouse Corsair M55 RGB Pro

It is worth noting only one annoying element of the Corsair M55 RGB Pro - the wire. It is long, 1.8 meters in the braid, which increases its stamina. But the wire is hard. 

When you remove your palm from the mouse, the wire springs and pulls it toward you a couple of millimetres. In our test, we used a plastic gaming mat that provided the least friction, and the cursor constantly left after the palm was torn off. 

A trifle, but, firstly, unpleasant. Secondly, mouse manufacturers, especially lightweight models, have learned to make wires light and flexible in order to minimize their impact on performance.


Good gaming mouse. The symmetrical shape provides the user with two additional buttons, the workmanship is pleasant, and the owners will like the size of the middle palms. The sensor is not top-end, but the price is not space. A good product, however, with a harsh wire. 


  • Good sensor
  • Nice shape and materials
  • Ability to customize button functions
  • Two additional buttons, due to the symmetrical shape


  • Hardwire

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