Instagram: Windows 10 app is to be replaced by a PWA

The current Instagram app for Windows 10 has received updates only at irregular intervals in the past. However, that could change soon. The first application is said to have already been replaced by a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Instagram: Windows 10 app is to be replaced by a PWA
The previous Instagram application is a version of the iOS app ported with OSMeta technology, which could be run natively as a UWP app. However, the performance was ultimately less convincing. 

In addition, there has been no update for Windows 10 released for almost two years. According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, Facebook is now replacing the program with a PWA.

Instagram: Windows 10 app is to be replaced by a PWA
Instagram is now available as a PWA for Windows 10.
The PWA version of Instagram has an advantage over the old Windows 10 app of being able to offer better performance. In addition, the development effort should be significantly reduced.

Some functions are currently still missing

However, the changeover does not only have positive aspects. The PWA has to do without some functions that are still included in the current Windows 10 app. For example, although it is possible to view stories, you cannot create them yourself. In addition, there is no option to reply to direct messages. 

However, it would be conceivable that the missing features will be incorporated into the web version of Instagram in the future and will therefore also be available in the PWA at a later date.

As usual, the new Instagram app will be rolled out in waves. If you don't want to wait for the update, you can install the PWA using the Edge browser. To do this, the Instagram website must first be opened. The option "Install this page as an app" can then be found in the menu at the top right under "Apps".\


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